Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not the New Plantation; The New Post-Soviet Oligarchy

Steve Sailer points out the hypocrisy of the NBA, a league that features an impressive, real-life  Russian oligarch as an owner, making such a show of revulsion regarding Donald Sterling's tepid, private "racism".

So when I see the sudden jockeying of members celebrity oligarchs to carve up the expected spoils, people who command billions and conference with presidents, I can't help but think the future Clippers owner, whoever it is, is performing a role similar to those post-Soviet oligarchs; a sort of post-American oligarch, grabbing a bargain at the fire sale of an empire suddenly up for grabs because the rules changed overnight.

As for Sterling, who probably thought he'd safely bought into the post-American empire, even if he can legally hold on to his team he's dead--no one will play for him.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

President Wrong Metaphor

So our "literary" president thinks racism occasionally "percolates up", does he? It's down there in the murk, you see, sometimes rising (accompanied by the Jaws theme, no doubt) to break the placid surface. But, how does the mass dissemenation of a private, illegally recorded conversation constitute percolation? Isn't more like an aggressive drilling down to find "racism"? And why is there, apparently, no faction out there in favor of privacy? Why is there no respectability allotted the argument that one's private life should remain private, even when dealing with the tender sensibilities of black Americans and liberals?


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