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Pocahauntus' Revenge

Lizzie Borden took an axe 
And gave her mother forty whacks 
When she saw what she had done 
She gave her father forty-one 

Lizzie Warren has a scheme
To take your guns and mute your memes
After this is made a fact
It's reparations for the blacks 

 Elizabeth Warren has a plan:
Taking investigations out of the hands of state and local jurisdictions and shifting all hate crime referrals to the FBI.

Directing federal prosecutors to seek tougher penalties for individuals who commit hate crimes “regardless of their race, ethnicity, or supposed ideology.”

Expanding background checks for gun ownership and keeping firearms out of the hands of those already prone to violence.
2020 is gonna be lit, yo.

Dictionary of Post-American English

queertarch, kweer-tark, n, One who rules from authority granted by homosexual status. Usually a celebrity, often minor.
From queer, homosexual (from Proto-Indo-European terkw- "to twist") + archon (Greek, from ἀρχ- "to rule")

"Some queertarch I've never heard of just got my favorite YouTube channel shut down, the fucker."

 Also, see here.

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Finally, a genuine refugee:
DADAAB, Kenya — Hamdi Abdullahi stands outside the United Nations compound in this dusty, sprawling camp — home to more than 200,000 Somali refugees — and throws stones at its barbed wire fence and heavy gates.

Though the U.N.’s refugee agency, UNHCR, is known everywhere as the chief protector and spokesman for most of the globe’s 25 million refugees, Abdullahi shouts as she hurls the stones, accusing the agency of stealing her children.

She has been protesting outside the compound off and on for years.

The Somali refugee’s four children are now 8,000 miles away in Minnesota, with her former husband and his new wife. She last saw them in 2014. They were among the less than one percent of refugees in the entire world chosen to be resettled in a new country and given a chance to start their lives again.  
Abdullahi said that while her family’s need to resettle was genuine, she was left behind because of false information fed to the U.S. government by a UNHCR resettlement officer, David Momanyi, to whom her ex-husband paid a hefty bribe. “I always remember his face,” Abdullahi said.
Like any divorced male the joke occurred to me right away: did he have to pay more to leave her behind? But when you get to the end of the quote above you realize he very well may have bribed the corrupt UN official to hamstring her so he could skedaddle with wife number whatever. The sympathetic account from something called "100 Reporters" linked here isn't interested in refugees scamming the system but in corrupt African officials working for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) shaking them down for bribes.

Whatever the case, the husband sounds like someone who has indeed found refuge:
Reached by phone, Abdullahi’s husband confirmed he had been resettled in Minnesota, but said any allegations of corruption were "false information."  
 "The U.S. government gave me resettlement to come to the United States but that’s it. There’s no bribe. … She was rejected by the United States government. That issue, it’s over… You know (in) America there’s no bribes."
Eight thousand miles. Eight thousand miles he put between himself and his rock-throwing ex. Sir, we salute you. Cue up a parody of the old Budweiser Real Men of Genius campaign for this guy.
Refugees who are part of the Nakivale settlement in southwest Uganda said UNHCR staffers and officials from organizations that work with them demand bribes for everything from medical referrals to food rations to contacting police, and it can cost $5,000 in bribes to resettle a family. 
In the Dadaab refugee camp, whose residents are almost all Somalis, 19 refugees said it used to cost as much as $50,000 to resettle a large family, or roughly $3,000 per person, before the Trump administration effectively stopped resettlement of Somalis in the U.S.  
Refugees who cannot afford to pay bribes report that unscrupulous resettlement workers will sell their case files, often compiled painstakingly over years, to others with more wealth.
When I see Africans claiming to be displaced coming up with cash a lot of working Americans don't have in their bank accounts I suspect it's because extended families pool their money to send over one family with the expectation more will be brought over via family reunification later, without having to bribe the other Africans.

It's an old story now, part of the larger story of corruption in UN efforts in Africa:
However, exploitation of refugees by the UNHCR staff is not new. Frank Montil, a former senior UNHCR investigator and narcotics detective, uncovered a refugee extortion racket in Kenya in 2001, in which the agency’s staff may have made millions of dollars by taking bribes at every stage of the resettlement process. 
“We’re 18 years later, and it’s even worse now than ever before,” he said, after hearing the results of this investigation... Like several other former U.N. investigators and insiders who spoke to NBC News, Montil compared the UNHCR to the Catholic Church, in how he says it repeatedly tries to avoid admitting or tackling wrongdoing by staff, and will not allow skilled independent investigators to get involved.
Everyone involved in refugee resettlement is unsurprisingly less affected by corruption than the apparent true-believers at 100 Reporters.
Refugees, current and former UNHCR employees, aid workers and two former U.N. investigators say bribery and corruption are common in a variety of services the UNHCR and companion organizations are charged with providing, but report that it is especially unavoidable in resettlement — a precious opportunity for the world’s most vulnerable refugees to restart their lives in safe new countries, usually in the West.
Eliminating corruption would spoil a "precious opportunity"; the UN and others are in the business of facilitating migration; the best face you can put on their program is of a dunce who views it as global poverty alleviation. The others are all more sinister and ugly.

The report elaborates, without noting it, how much refugee resettlement has become a racket, with those taking advantage not the most desperate but the most cunning.
In Dadaab, where resettlement is known as “boufis” — or “the urge to move abroad,” resettlement is associated with wealth. “A poor man has no place in resettlement,” said one Somali refugee in his 50s who has been in the camp 16 years. “So many in the diaspora, when I ask them [how they were resettled], they say, ‘It was my money.'”

In Kakuma, northwest Kenya, home to almost 200,000 people from a dozen countries, refugees said it is possible to pay some of a resettlement bribe by signing over ownership of your shelter. “If you don’t have money, you need to hand over your house, if it’s good,” said a South Sudanese refugee, who paid $600 to forward his own case. “If your house is bad and you don’t have the money, you will never go.”
Settling refugees in neighboring countries with an eye toward sending them back would put an immediate stop to this, because nobody's really paying to escape their home as much as they're paying to come to a US they see as a consumer wonderland, what servicemen abroad used to call "the Big PX".

But one more nod of respect on the way out, to the man who put his ex on the other side of the world. "All your exes live in Texas, you say? Phhhhht!"

Hell is for Theorists

Baltimore's James LaFond has written a lot about white bondage in his "Plantation America" series, a subject that would be deliberately suppressed if there were more than a few brave souls like James talking about it.

So I asked him about the passing of critical race theorist Noel Ignatiev ("How the Irish Became White" and other absurdities) and he was kind enough to respond:

Noel's Hell

Dennis Dale

Nov 12, 2019, 12:53 AM (6 days ago)

Noel Ignatiev just died and I realize his whole con—"How the Irish Became White" involved turning something that should temper, to say the least, the culture of shame leveled on white Americans for black slavery (that is, Irish bondage) into something turbocharging that culture. The example of white bondage presents a problem to the whole project, which depends on the notion the African slave trade was unique and motivated primarily by white racism (rather than racially diverse greed)

I don't know if Ignatiev thought this, but the best defense is a good offense. Making of the economic exploitation of the Irish "oh but you see, they weren't actually white" was audacious and inspired.

The real point was always to preserve the myth of the African slave trade as uniquely white. Ironically—I wonder too if this was lost on Noel—the poor historical Irish Americans were brought into it (by someone decidedly not, er, Irish) and seemingly defended really just to dispossess their present-day descendants, along with all the other white people. I wonder if he'll run into any of those Irishmen where he's going.


Dennis, Noel and the rest of us have stumbled long in the dark trying to make sense of the great moral and racial miscegenation clothed in a lie that is America. The chill that went down my spine when I read slave purchase records that made me realize that this giant data-pit I've been floundering around in, which I never intended to explore let alone write about, would completely discredit me as a writer, an American and a human, was frightening. I sat on the bogus externally assigned aspect of "white" identity for a year like a coward—no, not like, but as—and then just blurted it in a lapse of discipline and shot myself in the foot. This premonition came true, and I suppose makes discussing this a little less stressful now.

I have been pondering the Irish question for some time now and do think I have hit upon an unsatisfactory answer. It was karma.

The Irish did not make good slaves. Runaway records record vastly more Irish runaways than African and German combined. Though it seems that the Scottish and Indians were just as likely to cut the English master's throat, the Irish were by far the most numerous runaways. There were as many Irish as Germans sold into Plantation America, with both totals over a million, yet only 1 record of a runaway German has passed before my eyes, while near a thousand of Irish and only a few dozen African have been sifted through this bemused brain. Gaels overall, seemed more likely to run and fight the system than did Germans and Africans, in the British Isles and in America. the most brutal peasant revolt in 1548 was Cornish, with catholic overtones The Africans were used deliberately to replace European slaves and freemen from 1678 in Virginia and points south. Furthermore, the African was generally favored as the house slave to the Irishman in German-dominated Pennsylvania.

It is obvious that the vastly more expensive African slave, who ran away at roughly 10% of the Irish rate and but rarely rose up in violence, and who sided with the master class by a margin of 1800 to 200 in Bacon's Rebellion of 1676, was brought in to Virginia and points south in great numbers beginning in 1680s as a costly security measure against the increasingly restive backwoods types who were beginning to mix with and mimic and even fight against Indian tribes.

Note that Germans called themselves "white," where Irish, Cornish, Welsh and Scottish were loath to do so at earlier dates. Was it because the master class derided them by their authentic ethnicity, refusing to grant them membership in "white" society for being unruly? Or was it a refusal to conform to an explicitly economic racial identity on the part of the ethnic Gaels, or both in varying measures and at varying times and places?

This is not something I can sort out. However, beginning within a few years of two great rebellions by non-elite European Americans [for the evidence that King Phillip's Indians were largely ethnic Europeans is strong] planters went to vast expense to purchase large lots of Africans, partially on the basis that they would have no native free communities to flee to and partially to drive the restive, unruly and willful ethnic European Americans from their lands with a breeding workforce of slaves. Much anger at the Irish, being the most rebellious and felonious of the ethnic European Americans, seems to have remained imbedded in the elite American consciousness to this day, and I suppose, accounted for Irish Americans being denied "white" status on one hand [often jokingly and by me] and denied slave status on the other with academic denials of their condition being tendered as I write.

Indeed, in 1773, an English army under a Scottish general sided with the Shawnees after the Battle of Point Pleasant against an Irish militia force. When I get to where Noel is going, I'll be sure to parse this out with him.


More on the subject from James.

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Charlie's War

Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA is a conservative student group that latched on to the Trump campaign after he routed the Republican field of their preferred candidates.
He and his organization combine the standard point-and-titter critique of leftist excess with neoconservatism and free market enthusiasm--as if the last ten years or so never happened. His "Culture War" tour of college campuses (to "own" the snowflakes!) is presently in danger of cancellation after a pair of events were taken over in the Q&A by "groypers" challenging his hypocrisy in supporting Israel and denouncing "white supremacy" in America:

Kirk recently caused a stir when he said, in a speech in Israel, that America is merely a "placeholder for timeless values"; the speech and question-and-answer session is chock full of similar content. On a mission to purge the conservative movement of white nationalists, oblivious young Charlie went to Israel and gave a speech denouncing ethno-nationalism as immoral and stupid--to a group of young Zionists.
Some of them couldn't help challenging him on that. I think the notorious "placeholder" comment came in one of the fumbling responses to the question "what's so bad about ethno-nationalism?"

Those of you enjoying Kirk's tour melting down (like a snowflake!) will be pleased to know he was catching hell for his hypocrisy before he left Israel, by the very people his hypocrisy shields.

Nick Fuentes is taking some credit for sending forth the voluntary groyper army. Kirk envisioned his tour as engaging in a "culture war" with the leftists who would no doubt turn out in protest. In another state-of-the-political-art circa 2005 move, Kirk brought his Gay Black Veteran friend on stage to own the leftists.
 He found a culture war alright, not with snowflakes melting down gloriously (clips of which engorge the members of donors), but with the very white advocates it is his mission to purge; the irony is probably lost on him:

Black Gay Hero: "Who's into Cardi B? Anyone?"


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