Tuesday, December 27, 2016

All the world's a-rage

Steve Sailer on A&E's recent withdrawal of its planned KKK reality show after revelations participants were paid:

Yet, that seems like it would have been the most authentic imaginable version of today’s KKK: hired performers engaging in Ku Klux Klan Live Action Role Playing: KKKLARPing.

It strikes me that much progressive activism is the blue-pilled young LARPing as Sixties radicals. The social justice profession at the same time resembles a jobs program for those who excel at it. It's a place for mediocre minorities and others rendered unemployable to some extent by their education in social justice. A student majoring in the Narrative is kind of like a student athlete, hoping to distinguish himself and earn a paid career. Politics, even celebrity are the high-end possibilities. But it's a jobs program that has the unfortunate effect of eroding even elite institutions.

Protesters successfully shook down the University of Missouri System in late 2015 with literal shit for narrative material (the infamous "poop swastika") and figurative shit for brains. If you arrived in Current Year America from a saner time at first glance you'd assume anyone getting that much out of that little were narrative giants. Then you'd get a load of the Mizzou protesters and wonder just what the hell was going on.

The university president who initially took a firm stance against the protests no doubt was unimpressed. And when he was forced to resign in tears it was probably because the temerity of that early opposition, not because the complaints or complainants had grown any more impressive over time.

The protests featured a familiar manifestation: role-playing blacks working themselves into a frenzy performing for beguiled, reverential whites, for whom it's enough to role-play at being witness to the grandest suffering of all, African American suffering.

At Yale about the same time the public shaming of a professor, again on the slightest pretext, was a profound shame on the institution, not merely because of the Maoist nature of the confrontation but because of the display put on by Yale's minority students:

The universities soak up an awful lot of students who they can't do much with but park in undemanding social justice courses, from whence they are sent by social justice professors to protest ginned-up grievances--to LARP--for the purpose extorting more social justice courses, programs, departments and, of course, professors in a vicious cycle.

This New America sure sounds interesting.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Vagina Giveth, The Vagina Taketh Away

From Steve Sailer, on Hillary's awful political instincts:

But then Hillary still went ahead with putting the failed cop-killer’s mom on stage at the 2016 Democratic National Convention shortly after the mass cop killings by BLM-inspired terrorists in Dallas and Baton Rouge as part of her “Mothers of the Movement” brainstorm. 

What's so deliciously ironic about Hillary Clinton's failed bid to be the first woman president--and what will likely never be appreciated--is how its failure is largely due to her being a woman. Ignoring her husband's sound advice she and BFF Huma decided to pursue a strategy down the homestretch of seeking to get women creeped out about Donald Trump sexually. It's all so cliche it blends into the Narrative like camouflage.


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