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Q & ...

A meaningful set of questions that a serious country might give its people would be something like: 
1) Do you want to turn over the state that your ancestors spent centuries worth of blood sweat and tears building to people who are utterly indifferent to that heritage at best and outright hostile to it at worst? To people whose first principles exist in opposition to your own? To people who think that it’s the duty of the native population to adapt to the immigrants rather than the other way around?

2) What are the unifying principles of the post-national state going to be? How will its diverse peoples smooth over differences of opinion and forge forward in building the future? What will unite them in times of poverty and famine, and keep the state from fracturing along ethnic lines, as many multi-ethnic states have in times of trouble? What will get two people who have no ethnic, religious or ideological commonalities beyond “Diversity is our strength” into a foxhole together to defend against an enemy that threatens the post-national state?(As an aside, most liberals in 2018 confirm the enduring bonds of ethnicity whenever they bitch about having to go to Christmas or Thanksgiving with their MAGA uncle. They put up with it because people will tolerate things from their family that they would never put up with from anyone else, and ethnicity is basically a big extended family)

3) Do you want to leave for your descendants a future where they live as a despised minority, with their continued existence totally at the mercy of a majority who are conditioned from birth to believe that every misfortune or inconvenience they experience is ultimately the work of whites?

4) Do you really believe that you have the right to make such a choice for future generations?

5) If you answered yes to #3 and #4, can you think of any particular group who lived like that in the past, and if so, how did that work out for them in the long run?

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The grim joke going around now is Trump won't deliver his wall but at least he's going to release thousands of felons with his criminal "reform" bill.

After all the noise and fury from both sides, tax cuts for capitalists and criminal justice reform for socialists constitute his emerging legacy after the media and state combined to contain his administration through investigations and propaganda.

But Trump's increasingly likely failure might prove to be the least of it. It isn't as if things will simply reset to the political dynamic of 2013 after, say, he's voted out of office (or quits out of exhaustion by not running or resigning); no, a radicalized, energized, bigger, militant and vindictive left has formed like a tumor in response to the invasive cell that is Trump.

The effect of a massive propaganda campaign to paint Trump's support as fascist has been to radicalize the opinions of the average normie and swell the ranks of genuine radicals like antifa. It's increased anti-white animus. None of this can be expected to subside after they've taken him down.

The Resistance has also been profitable, breathing life into cable news and transferring money from rubes to various activist organizations adopting it. Like the cable news outlets who've found a second life pushing anti-Trump propaganda, antifa and the broader social justice industry are booming. If the political rage doesn't keep it going post Trump, money will.

The Daily Caller just exposed a DC activist who works with Congressional liberals by day as an antifa leader behind riot club Smash Racism DC and the targeted harassment of Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson.
Joseph “Jose” Alcoff works with congressional Democrats as part of his day job as a manager with a DC-based advocacy group. But he spreads socialist and communist propaganda when going by the name “Jose Martin.”
Alcoff does not lack for cunning. He didn't need Trump to radicalize him. He and a thousand others are turning this crisis into opportunity. The Caller:
“If we’re wrong, if [Trump] is just George W. Bush somehow … then at minimum, what we’re doing is building the infrastructure that builds space for other forms of resistance — for resistance against everyday white nationalist and white supremacist policies,” Alcoff said as Chepe on Radio Dispatch in December 2016.
Trump's policies and would-be policies hardly constitute a hard turn to the right, and are only successfully featured as such because the public dialogue on immigration up to now has been free to range all the way from Ellis Island kitsch to demonization of the Border Patrol. No, the image of Trump as a rightist racist dictator is built entirely on that demonization and his rude comments about Mexicans.

Just as a tape of him talking about "pussy" prompted a whole movement with its own television series, in which it is alleged Donald Trump, of all people, wants to restore sexual order and put women in habits. If only.
As Trump hasn't yet offered white sharia legislation or anything like it to specifically oppose, for Planned Parenthood et al resistance bucks come as a windfall. They can build their war chests, and no doubt someone, somewhere is building a guest house right now with a little bit of that largesse. Doing well by doing right. Hysteria is made profitable by politics.

Cooler heads prevail higher up to guide those hysterics.
“And we don’t stand to lose if we’re building that infrastructure,” he continued. “That’s what we should have already been doing, even if [Hillary] Clinton had won and even if Trump is not a fascist.”
Pity Donald Trump. He's going to have to be crushed to save America, between the Wall we demand and the hammer of the Poz.

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Twitter User

(took this from yesterday down because it was a mess, and re-posting now; and "Twitter User" is a better name)

Ann Coulter dared describe the Democrats' current absolute state of white absolution, in their own words sans the sentiment, on Twitter:
"Dems don’t want people to notice that their base is composed of diametrically opposed groups. RESULT: Anti-Semites founding the Women’s March; Trannies screaming at vagina-centered [the Indy 100 article linked here put a "SIC" after this] Feminists, Hollywood dumping Kevin Hart."
And Twitter's voluntary auxiliary thought police rose as one, like zombies answering a witch doctor's conjuring, providing the content for a host of articles such as the one linked above, outrage-listicles for lazy journalists.

But I realize "Florida Man", a catch-all phrase for Floridians engaging in reckless redneckitude , has a counterpoint-counterpart, Twitter User. Just as "Florida Man" gets his name from news reports ("Florida Man Creates Lawn Chair Airboat, is Eaten by Alligators"), likewise Twitter User ("Twitter User Responds to Ann Coulter and it's Glorious!").

Twitter User is Florida Man's opposite. Where Florida Man's lack of judgement makes him as unpredictable as the outcomes of his various schemes, Twitter User seeks out predictability, as a virtue. And he invariably finds it.

Whereas Florida Man lacks awareness of his connection to society and his effects on it, Twitter User is obsessed with it, and has an aggrandized notion of his place in it--yet seeks ever more prominence. Twitter User is as engaged as Florida Man is disengaged, yet he appears to have even less self-awareness. Florida Man may be led by his impulses, but Twitter User is led by someone else's.

Twitter User repeats from a small store of platitudes, and prides himself not on some new insight, but on a more inventive and amusing way of repeating those platitudes.
Such a reaction as this could be any Twitter User responding to any Twitter Bait, for instance:
This has to be one of the most racist things ever said on television. Advertisers, are you really going to support this?’ one Twitter user wrote.
 Who will achieve self-awareness first, AI or the NPC? It's almost as if the former is progressing toward it at the same time humanity regresses away from it.


Steve Sailer likes to invoke the weak form of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (strong version: language determines behavior; weak: language influences it), defining it as "...having a term for a reality or a concept makes it easier to notice that reality and easier to think about that concept, while not having a term for it makes thinking harder."

This concept itself would qualify as just such a useful concept laying fallow. But it came to mind yesterday as I was introduced to the word "cryptonormativisim", which may sound like a pretentious jumble but is highly useful in understanding, just for starters, the inscrutable blob of mercury that is critical theory.

Joseph Heath on critical studies:
A long time ago, Habermas wrote a critical essay on Foucault, in which he accused him of “cryptonormativism.” The accusation was that, although Foucault’s work was clearly animated by a set of moral concerns, he refused to state clearly what his moral commitments were, and instead just used normatively loaded vocabulary, like “power,” or “regime,” as rhetorical devices, to induce the reader to share his normative assessments, while officially denying that he was doing any such thing. The problem, in other words, is that Foucault was smuggling in his values, while pretending he didn’t have any. A genuinely critical theory, Habermas argued, has no need for this subterfuge, it should introduce its normative principles explicitly, and provide a rational defence of them.
Cryptonormativism is everywhere, claiming the moral high ground on bases ultimately so obscure they can't be challenged. It travels well with its companion--the image of the  secular "liberal" as high social status versus the low social status "conservative."

I would add to the hypothesis the creation of false concepts. Not only are we limited, in Orwellian fashion, from naming and identifying useful concepts for understanding society and our world, we are loaded up with false ones that cause misunderstanding of it--racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia...more every day.

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Intersectional Pile-up

Vanity Fair's expose on the Women's March movement is lit, and this devil is happy:
Mercy Morganfield, a longtime activist and daughter of blues legend Muddy Waters, has been one of the leading voices in calling for accountability from the co-chairs. For Morganfield, a former spokesperson for the Women’s March who also ran the D.C. branch, the various problems that people have had with the Women’s March—ideological, managerial, fiscal—should be seen as all of a piece. She recalled being startled earlier this year when Mallory—already a nationally recognized leader of the Women’s March—showed up at the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day event.
“When all of that went down, it was my last straw,” she told Tablet. “You are part of a national movement that is about the equality of women and you are sitting in the front row listening to a man say women belong in the kitchen and you’re nodding your head saying amen! I told them over and over again: It’s fine to be religious, but there is no place for religion in its radical forms inside of a national women’s movement with so many types of women. It spoke to their inexperience and inability to hold this at a national stage. That is judgment, and you can’t teach judgment.”
Does that go for mainstream Islam? Or just for the "Black Muslims" of the Nation of Islam?
“They don’t have a clue what they’re doing,” Morganfield told Tablet. “They were chosen for optics—for the image they brought to the march. They believe that being in the right place at the right time for this march and this movement made them the founders—but it didn’t.”
These people presented as national leaders are really just co-opting genuine grass roots movements started via social media. They are frauds. You didn't really think Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour are talented organizers, managers, leaders?

But they do bring value as figureheads, and this is very much a racket:
The Women’s March was obviously on its way to becoming a valuable brand, receiving millions of dollars in donations and raking in millions more worth of merchandise: T-shirts, pins, bags, mugs, and more. It began coordinating with a merchandising partner, The Outrage, which describes itself as a “female-founded activist apparel company.” (The Outrage also has a line with actress-turned-activist Rose McGowan, complete with #RoseArmy merch.) 
And in March of 2017, Women’s March Inc. filed a federal trademark registration for the Women’s March with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It was met with much opposition. As Refinery29 reported, 14 separate organizations opposed the mark. “You do not trademark a movement,” Shook told us. “The Women’s March should belong to all of us. The sister marches don’t get a dime. They’ve been asked to be transparent over and over.” Keep in mind the people jockeying for position in these fund-raising entities are relying on the volunteer true-believers, as is pointed out earlier in the article.
But whatever concerns were popping up were ultimately no match for the steamroller of the event’s progress. And when the day came, the reality far exceeded expectations. Estimates for the March on Washington range between half a million and a million people, giving the city’s metro system its second busiest day in history. Estimates for all the Women’s Marches that took place in cities across the country, had between 3.6 and 4.6 million people participating. In terms of attendance and publicity, the event was an enormous, iconic success. It took the swirling, latent energy of the country’s broad political opposition to Trump and turned it into a dramatic showing of strength.
Like a gold strike the March attracted prospectors, speculators and con men.

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Reading from "Children of Ted; Two decades after his last deadly act of ecoterrorism, the Unabomber has become an unlikely prophet to a new generation of acolytes," in New York Magazine:
"The second point was that technology’s dark momentum can’t be stopped...
We doze off while exploring a fun new thing called social media and wake up to big data, fake news, and Total Information Awareness. 
All true, Jacobi thought. Who the hell wrote this thing? The clue arrived in section No. 96: “In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we’ve had to kill people,” the mystery author wrote. 
“Kill people” — Jacobi realized that he was reading the words of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski..."

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Fantasy Island

GitHub has a helpful site, "Pronoun Island", introducing us to the host of new pronouns for biological-nonconformists:

The site should have a long life, with the introduction of new pronouns coming at a steady clip. They list "known" pronouns:

Oh brave new words!

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The Siege

An indifferent freeway dissects Forlaine down the middle from east to west, embracing it at each end in its curving, tendril-like on and off ramps. Main Street intersects the freeway at forty-five degrees, spreading out on either side a gaudy leg tattooed with fast food franchises and chain stores standing out against the rustic remnants, some authentic, of the town's logging past.
That past was truncated by the creation of the national park to the east, a ban on clear-cutting in the state and the ensuing contraction of the regional logging industry.

Sprawl saved Forlaine in the nineties. An hour and a half round-trip commute to the city became less onerous as real estate grew prohibitively expensive there. New housing developments went up along with the price of real estate and tax revenue. Two classes of newcomer arose, one working class primarily from the defense contractor in the city, the other, smaller group, yuppies. They stood out from each other as well as from the original Forlainers. These divisions were rarely mentioned out loud but always there, in the background.

Two new schools were built. One of the state's main mountain passes, featuring a ski resort, was just as near to the east as the city was to the west. In the early twenty-first century things were looking up in Forlaine; five new developments were in some stage of planning/execution. Then the housing market fell apart in 2008.

Still, the city could have done worse. Most development made no longer feasible was left in the planning stage. One large development had gotten way out ahead of itself, leaving behind a ghost neighborhood of over a hundred houses, most of which had not yet sold. Among the rows of unsold  (or abandoned) homes were scattered homes occupied by the unfortunate few who bought just before the bubble burst. Here's where the federal government stepped in to help, leasing entire blocks for the purpose of housing migrant refugees.

Misty Handringer considered her role in this with some pride as she rode her bicycle up Main Street. She resisted the creeping, familiar sense of dissatisfaction she always felt upon a project's fruition. She fought but couldn't help returning, like to a sore tooth, to the equally familiar sense of resentment that was forming.
Just for starters she had raised nearly half the funds (most of that her own money) for the welcome center, but she hadn't been invited to speak at the opening, yet. She had envisioned giving an address to the newcomers. She determined that if she had to suggest it herself she would. 

Dare she attempt a phrase or two in Somali? She conjured what they would look like, the women in their colorful garb (as she imagined; she had no idea what they wore; she determined to look it up online), their faces weathered, wizened with what that ineffable African understanding of which westerners are not capable; she could see them looking up at her with awe. Was this racist of her? Was she only engaging in what her ex-husband had called vain condescension? Why had this, of his many complaints, stuck? Oh well, he had nothing to say now how she spent her money; he would have to complain to his new wife about how she put the small fortune of her divorce settlement to good use, she thought, with a slight rise at the corner of her mouth.

As she addressed the incline ahead her front wheel yawed violently back and forth reacting to each deliberate, labored pedal-stroke; each of these looked to be the last she could manage before gravity overtook her, but no, another followed just as she seemed about to topple, just as laborious but no weaker. And they followed one after the other dependably up the long slope.

A passing pickup gave her a wide berth. She scowled—as if she needed all that room!—but did not look up. She returned again to a less satisfying project, an off-ramp for Main Street. Businesses on the main drag could use the traffic--her bookstore could use the traffic, though she honestly didn't care.
Losses had been halved with the addition of a barista; it hardly cost her anything to keep the store open now. Still, it would be nice to turn a profit, she decided, if only because of the unendurable condescension of other local business owners, and her ex.

 And thus she made her way, her front tire swinging steadily back and forth like an errant needle on a dial: north, south, north...

(to be continued)

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The Ghost of Comedy Past

Retroactive justice came to collect Kevin Hart the other day, for making gay jokes years ago on Twitter
NEW YORK (AP) — Just two days after being named host of the Academy Awards, Kevin Hart stepped down following an outcry over past homophobic tweets by the comedian.

Capping a swift and dramatic fallout, Hart wrote on Twitter just after midnight Thursday that he was withdrawing as Oscars host because he didn’t want to be a distraction. “I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past,” wrote Hart.

Hart, who is in Australia for a comedy tour, also tweeted Friday morning: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King, Jr.”
Hart's invocation of MLK suggests he recognizes this all as a contest between the gays and blacks for leadership of the ruling diversity coalition. The gay faction presents itself as diverse, putting forward flamboyant minorities in its propaganda, but its elite is overwhelmingly white (sometimes I think the big LGBTQ push right now is largely a surreptitious way to keep whites and Jews in charge of the coalition of the fringes)
Earlier Thursday evening, the comedian had refused to apologize for tweets that resurfaced after he was announced as Oscars host on Tuesday. In a video on Instagram, Hart said the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences gave him an ultimatum: apologize or “we’re going to have to move on and find another host.”

“I chose to pass on the apology,” Hart said. “The reason why I passed is because I’ve addressed this several times.”
Anyone who refuses to apologize has to be commended for it, but I suspect Hart was only too glad to quit while he was behind. Doing the show after grovelling would be like second helping of grovelling--a show we can expect to be heavy on the LGBTQ propaganda. Participating in it after getting smacked down would have been too much humiliation for anyone capable of feeling it. It's that and more for someone whose audience is disproportionately straight black men.

Hart was there to satisfy the "Oscars so white" hustle but ran afoul of the gay mafia. Now they'll have a second chance to throw a sop to the "me too" shakedown. But a female host will likely be a disaster. Of course the Academy can be reassured by the fact it won't be seen because no one watches the show any more
It’s not the first time an Oscars host has been derailed by anti-gay remarks. Ahead of the 2012 Academy Awards, producer Brett Ratner, who had been paired with host Eddie Murphy, resigned days after using a gay slur at a film screening. Murphy soon after exited, as well. 
That year, a tried-and-true Oscars veteran — Billy Crystal — jumped in to save the show, hosting for his eighth time. This time, speculation has already been rampant that few in Hollywood want the gig, for which few win glowing reviews.
Oh, I suspect there'll be many "glowing reviews" for various performers in the near future--glowing craters marking careers nuked by pc outrages.

Host of the Oscars becoming the honor no one wants is sweet irony. You can expect the scrutiny normally reserved for a Supreme Court nominee, an army of volunteer censors combing through your past. It's getting harder to cast this part. I imagine the various creative ways people come up with to turn down the job.

They seemed to have done well with the Kevin Hart pick too, finding someone who satisfied the diversity demand and is actually somewhat talented. That just got that much harder.

Of course there'll always be lesser artists dying for the job. Via Steve Sailer, here's my pick. Go long, Academy:
  Notice how miserable the audience of women (all outfitted to meet the demands of the thirsty male gaze, I'll add) look until that priceless finish when a young woman sees herself on a monitor (or something). Behind her another claps without enthusiasm, as grim-faced as her delighted friend was a moment before, before being distracted (by her own image, maybe) and falling out of character.
We are fated to navigate between the feminine extremes of inconsolable resentment and unquenchable vanity represented here:

If the revolution won't be led by the sexually frustrated perhaps it will be led by the comedically frustrated.

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Commercial for Brand Globo-Homo Diversiplex

Diversity is actually kind of boring in and of itself, I've decided. YouTube's "Rewind 2018" showcasing creators for 2018:


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Transgression's Transition

Seems to me the term, once so beloved and useful to leftist critics, "transgressive art", has nearly vanished in the Current Year.

A quick Google ngram search shows the phrase was unheard of before the sixties, emerged from complete obscurity in the eighties and rapidly entered the lexicon in the decade of leftist consolidation of the universities and the rise of pc, the nineties.

And after rescuing us from Mom and apple pie, it went away. The bottom falls out in the oughts.

In its early guise through the eighties it was more literal, including its application to art that wasn't overtly political or that might even be hostile to leftist sensibilities. John Waters described himself in his early years making transgressive films as an anti-hippie. Punk rock and style was transgression, but wherever a band wasn't overtly political it felt more fascist than anything else, a rejection of pacifistic,liberal rock and black pop. Whatever the case, it was far too white to ever be allowed to happen now, thank God.

Of course you never heard the phrase until it was popularized by the left, and that spike in its usage also represents its capture--along with the concept of transgression in art--by the left. The meaning of both changed, to become contextual--transgression itself was the thing when there was an actual white patriarchy, but once the transgressors supplanted it, they restored the realm of the sacrosanct, replacing God, Family, Country with Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

That which was transgressive is now that which cannot be transgressed.

Take for an excellent example Ru Paul's description of his work as a "big fuck you to male-dominated culture"; it remains just that, only now it is respectable, unassailable and part of a broader transsexual movement that won't stop until every last masculine male has been chased into the weeds.

We seem to be inexorably working our way to a world where the only thing you can mock is white men, and only for being white men. Via Steve Sailer I see the Columbia Spectator reporting on a student group evidencing the sort of confusion of which we an all expect much more, soon:
Saturday Night Live writer and comedian Nimesh Patel was pulled from the stage by event organizers after telling jokes that were criticized as racist and homophobic during his performance at cultureSHOCK: Reclaim, an event held by Columbia Asian American Alliance on Friday night.

Patel, 32, was the first Indian-American writer for SNL, and has since been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing. Patel has previously performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers and opened for comedians such as Chris Rock.

During the event, Patel’s performance featured commentary on his experience living in a diverse area of New York City—including a joke about a gay, black man in his neighborhood—which AAA officials deemed inappropriate. Patel joked that being gay cannot be a choice because “no one looks in the mirror and thinks, ‘this black thing is too easy, let me just add another thing to it.’”
About 30 minutes into Patel’s set, members of AAA interrupted the performance, denounced his jokes about racial identities and sexual orientation, and provided him with a few moments for closing remarks. Compared to his other jokes, ones specifically targeting sexual orientation audibly receive less laughter from the crowd.

Patel pushed back on the officials’ remarks, and said that while he stood in solidarity with Asian American identities, none of his remarks were offensive, and he was exposing the audience to ideas that would be found “in the real world.” Before he could finish, Patel’s microphone was cut from off-stage, and he proceeded to leave.

cultureSHOCK, an annual charity showcase featuring a fashion show, productions by various student groups and a famous performer, aims to provide a platform for Asian American artistic expression and breakthrough harmful stereotypes.

Pozzland Dispatch for 12/5/18: Transgressions

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Plundering for Justice

We're in the redress and appropriation phase of the civil rights movement, wherein the wealth and culture created by history's putative monsters, white Americans, is being redistributed among non-whites.

The tenets of the post-religious dispensation are Equality and Diversity. Together they posit a natural order, lost to white supremacy, wherein material wealth and power are equally distributed among a peaceful, racially diverse population, and between men and women. If not for white racism and patriarchy this natural order would take hold and humanity would (will) be saved.

The left is so far gone now it's suggesting this Utopia did in fact exist (Britain was always diverse, Beethoven was black, etc). It's patent nonsense, but these tenets hold. We can fully expect leftist historical retconning like this in the future on behalf of transsexuals.

These tenets imply economic commandments: go forth and make right white pilferage of black (for one) American wealth. Thus we have an economic growth industry that can masquerade as social justice, as the clever and cynical (or delusional, doesn't matter) are encouraged to create new ways to effect that transfer of wealth out of white hands.

Team Diversity is the global mafia, and everywhere the Narrative wants its cut, from film roles to the "resources" being denied blacks by selfish whites retreating to the suburbs--loot and pussy foremost, judging from our long sorry experience with integration.

Meanwhile non-whites seem to be divided between the cynical and those who genuinely believe the con--that they're only taking what's rightfully theirs somehow.

The lefty journalist and/or activist now is like a pirate granted sanction by the religious order to go forth and plunder. The hobbyists of what Steve Sailer calls the voluntary auxiliary thought police are akin to crusaders, promised absolution and crashing through the countryside leaving a wake of ruin behind.

As a game black civil rights is rigged, because we can't consider black outcomes have any connection to black people. The extent of the ruin they inflict on the whole as a result of criminality and sloth becomes the measure of our guilt.

As there's money in this game, this means black dysfunction is a cash cow. For a long time of course it's been a way to extract wealth from the whole through social programs. Despite being large, this is a boring  business, akin to retail banking. The civil rights industry is moving into more creative revenue streams now.

The Washington Post, "How White Racism Destroys White Wealth":
There are a lot of reasons that home prices tend to be lower in black neighborhoods than in white ones. Decades of racist policies put in place by governments and private companies — segregation, redlining, deed restrictions, exclusionary zoning, the deliberate hollowing out of urban cores — have had the net effect of eroding the quality of life in many majority-black neighborhoods nationwide.
As the authors of a new Brookings Institution-Gallup study note, Zillow data shows that the median listing price of a home in a majority-black neighborhood in a major metro area is around $184,000, while the median listing in a neighborhood where blacks make up less than 1 percent of the population stands at over $341,000. 
The violent ethnic cleansing of white urban America allowed blacks to take over some of the nation's best real estate. That first great pillaging didn't lead to Detroit becoming Wakanda, but becoming Detroit. Now we're expected to pay at the other end for the fleecing.

Another way of looking at this is a measure of the extent blacks destroy real estate values. There is a cost, it just flips either way depending on whether or not you believe the Narrative. The real cost is likely huge, but we'll never be allowed to consider it at this rate: the opportunity cost of losing major cities to black pogroms, necessitating the suburbs and still all manner of adjustment to accommodate black malice.

But the raiders aren't letting up--they have the hard ground of religious sanction, the Narrative, under their feet.
They're putting prices on stuff now:
They wanted to isolate the effects of racism alone — to peel off all the other explanatory variables until they could “detect how much racism depletes wealth from black homeowners,” as they put it. In the end, they were left with one number: $48,000. 
That’s the amount the average home in a majority-black neighborhood is undervalued, relative to an identical home in an identical all-white neighborhood once you properly adjust for all the other structural and neighborhood characteristics that could plausibly affect that number. That’s the “cost of racial bias,” as the authors put it, “amounting to $156 billion in cumulative losses” accruing to black homeowners.
There was a bit in the old National Lampoon magazine about black reparations, wherein white America consents to reparations but then presents black America with a bill for charges against those reparations, tallying up everything from the Club auto theft device to penis enlargement operations.

Meanwhile, the authors of the "study":
“If we can detect how much racism depletes wealth from black homeowners, we can begin to address bigotry principally by giving black homeowners and policymakers a target price for redress,”
Feeling down, black America? Call your doctor and ask about Reparations!
“Laws have changed, but the value of assets — buildings, schools, leadership, and land itself — are inextricably linked to the perceptions of black people. And those negative perceptions persist.”
The stones themselves are imbued with our racism.

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Afinidad Nationalismo

Did AMLO just give Trump's inaugural address, in Spanish?
 MEXICO CITY, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office as Mexican president on Saturday, vowing to see off a "rapacious" elite in a country struggling with corruption, chronic poverty and gang violence on the doorstep of the United States.
Backed by a gigantic Mexican flag, the 65-year-old took the oath of office in the lower house of Congress, pledging to bring about a "radical" rebirth of Mexico ("make America great again") to overturn what he called a disastrous legacy of decades of "neo-liberal" governments.

"The government will no longer be a committee at the service of a rapacious minority," said the new president, who is often nicknamed AMLO. Nor would the government, he said, be a "simple facilitator of pillaging, as it has been."
Trump: "For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost."
Making 16 references to "neo-liberal" policies in his speech, he vowed to abolish the "regime" he said it had created...
"January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again."
Pena Nieto sat impassively two seats to the left of Lopez Obrador during the sustained attack on his economic legacy, at times touching his face, wiping his brow with his hand and taking occasional sips of water.
Our Los Pena Nietos:

Dennis Goes to Eleven

According to the Intersectionality Score Calculator my privilege score is eleven, which is more privileged than seventy six percent of humanity.

The social cachet associated with the score varies wildly depending on social context, of course.


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The old joke Washington Post headline, "Meteor to Obliterate Earth, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit" works because it's a fair description of a well worn media template, getting more worn by the day in our Current Year of Salon-Vox-Slate thumb-suckers: "social effect x occurs, protected class(es) disproportionately affected".

There's always been an unacknowledged concomitant to this model--a once implicit now explicit stricture: there are no particular white concerns or needs, there is only "privilege". Indeed, whites faring better than the norm on any given metric is always evidence of privilege, not agency or virtue. The joke could just as well have been "Meteor to Obliterate Earth,  Whites Least Affected".

When researchers first started reporting evidence of rising mortality in white America they were pilloried for concerning themselves with white health. One common response to its mention (see Salon-Vox-Slate) is to note whites are still ahead of blacks and browns in wealth and health. If you buy into blank-slate notions you see this as a straight measure of "privilege"; if you buy into common sense you see this as the measure of ruin left in the nation.

Whites have lost the ability to see the crime in this because we've been stripped of the concept of "us" by the reigning cultural order. The dying off of white Americans is a direct result of the same culture that suppresses its notice, much less analysis or address as such. Like rising mortality in a wealthy society, this is without historical precedent, a people unable to see themselves as such--at least one not physically conquered.

The Wall Street Journal
Life expectancy for Americans fell again last year, despite growing recognition of the problems driving the decline and federal and local funds invested in stemming them.

Data the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Thursday show life expectancy fell by one-tenth of a year, to 78.6 years, pushed down by the sharpest annual increase in suicides in nearly a decade and a continued rise in deaths from powerful opioid drugs like fentanyl. Influenza, pneumonia and diabetes also factored into last year’s increase.

Economists and public-health experts consider life expectancy to be an important measure of a nation’s prosperity. The 2017 data paint a dark picture of health and well-being in the U.S., reflecting the effects of addiction and despair, particularly among young and middle-aged adults, as well as diseases plaguing an aging population and people with lower access to health care.

“The continuation of this trend is a warning for all of us that our country has not found a way of addressing the profound needs of the people who are dying,” said Eric Caine, professor of psychiatry and director of the Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “While the economy may be recovering at the macro level, it’s very uncertain whether it’s affecting the lives of these people.”  
The U.S. has lost three-tenths of a year in life expectancy since 2014, a stunning reversal for a developed nation, and lags far behind other wealthy nations... 
White men and women fared the worst, along with black men, all of whom experienced increases in death rates. Death rates rose in particular for adults ages 25 to 44, and suicide rates are highest among people in the nation’s most rural areas. On the other hand, deaths declined for black and Hispanic women, and remained the same for Hispanic men.
Black men continue to lead in mortality (suffered and dealt), ironically enough (and this is just my racist opinion) by living it up, via a thriving hip hop culture--which is part and parcel of the broader culture in which whites are not thriving.

Elite whites would do well to drop their hostility to white identity--just as declining morals infect a population by welling from the bottom up, so will their consequences.

Sunday, November 25, 2018


Eventually everything I have to tell will be told, worthy or not, whether it will find a receptive audience or not, I don't care. It's all in the telling for me now. If a tree falls in the forest…indeed. You will listen. You may not like what you hear, you’ll likely be bored to tears, let me tell you my friend: you should try having lived this pointless, directionless life. I envy you, and I don’t even know you. If I can't have your life I will try to unload some of mine onto yours. I don’t care if you want to hear it or not. I am grabbing you by the collar, pulling you in close, you can smell my foul breath, you can see my dirt filled pores, you try to wiggle free but I have the strength of the psychotic and I’m leaning in on you, saying, you gotta hear this, buddy…

Art and Survival

Considering the possibility of a new robust post-poz art with Ecce Lux and Babylonian Hebrew.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018


I came to laying on my side on a concrete bench. My head was at such an extreme angle and my neck so stiffened that I knew raising it would be painful, if not impossible; I opted to roll over onto my stomach and slowly push myself up into a sitting position while leaving my head, more or less, in its listing attitude. This too was no easy feat, accomplished by grunting, groaning effort. Laughter, accompanied by a lewdly malicious voice, attracted my attention from the other end of the cell. Two locals were sitting there watching me. He spoke again, the fat one with the leer in his voice and eyes, in a colloquial Spanish that I didn't understand. I said nothing.

Looking down I noticed my pockets had been turned inside out; my shoes were gone. I did not yet know how I arrived there; I sensed a partially formed, vague memory lurking just below the surface of consciousness. I tried retracing my steps mentally: the girl in the bar, dancing, being led onto the beach, rolling around in the sand. So far so good; then she's screaming at me; I was beseeching her to be quiet, asking in broken Spanish what was wrong: trying to ask

¿Cu├íl es la materia?

and just managing to stammer-shout, qual estimer! qual estimer! At the same time thinking her hysteria seemed odd, acted. I recall the impulse: Get awayget away from her. Several missing frames later and I'm struggling up an incline in the deep, loose Baja sand; wheezing, stagger-running, covering as much distance from side to side as forward but making progress back toward the plaza, and the hotel. Memory submerged, and only briefly resurfaced to reveal a glimpse of being herded into the back of a Mexican police car by baton blows, kicks, and epithets.

I was now staring at the wall across from me; it was covered in a profusion of graffiti, mostly vulgarities in Spanish. I realized I had been staring at a word. It shimmied and danced as a pair that separated, nearly aligned, and separated again repeatedly as I fought my double vision. I tried closing one stinging eye; I couldn't, like a very young child who can't yet wink. So I placed a hand, trembling slightly as if a small electric current was running through it, over one eye.
Slowly the word came into focus. No, I thought, no possible way. But there it was. Faint and weathered by countless years, crudely etched in jagged lines; I could just make out:

Friday, November 23, 2018

Scratch an SJW...

It played out like countless controversies: offense is taken, racism is charged, social media is mobilized, capitulation is achieved. Only this one played out in China:
Dolce Gabbana has postponed a catwalk show in Shanghai after an outcry over racially offensive posts on its Instagram account that the fashion brand has claimed were written by hackers. 
The controversy arose after the Italian fashion brand published a video on the Chinese social media site Weibo on Monday showing a Chinese model using chopsticks to try to eat a pizza, a cannoli and spaghetti. 
Weibo users accused the label of trivialising China’s culture and depicting Chinese women in a racist way. The video was taken down within 24 hours but it had already been shared widely on social media, where the hashtag #BoycottDolce began to circulate.

The accusations of racism and racial stereotyping intensified after what appeared to be an Instagram direct message conversation between Stefano Gabbana and the fashion writer Michaela Phuong was shared by Diet Prada, an Instagram account known for criticising the fashion industry.
American Renaissance subtitled their excerpt of the story: "China’s social justice warriors are as thin-skinned as America’s" but, as their comments section immediately noted, no. Not at all.
These are social justice tactics, but the warriors are nationalists.

If there is a social justice warrior contingent in China worthy of the name they are indifferent to or approving of an offense given to Han Chinese--they would have been more likely to take offense on behalf of Italians.

Thin-skinned the offended are, but out of the excess pride of an ascendant and confident nation. I suspect they are not snowflakes, either. What's relatively new here is their adoption of the social justice logic and tactics cultivated by our own anti-nationalists on the left. As long as social justice reigns in the West its adversaries will take advantage of it, and we can probably expect more, not less, of this.

It isn't new; Russian (and other) "hackers" seek out the divisions created by diversity and exploit them:
Many of the tactics that Russia experiments with could (and likely will) be enacted on a much larger scale two years from now [2020]. Some of these strategies and maneuvers appear grounded in reality, while others seem speculative, but all have the same sinister goal of breaking the system—by cleaving our polity, distracting us with feuds large and small—by sowing discord through technology platforms and services. 
“Having the U.S. at war with itself is giving Russia credit internationally,” explained Andrew Weiss, the vice president for research on Russia for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, noting that we as a country are more divided on almost every issue than at any other time in history. “[Russia is] not the creator of this problem, but they have exploited it. Just creating mistrust, and throwing a question mark over the legitimacy of our government, is a pretty big prize for Russia.” 
Another distinction is made obsolete. The divide is between those who advocate on behalf of their own--whether via identity politics in the West or openly as ethnic nationalists--and those who don't--white "social justice warriors", who march shoulder-to-shoulder with these ethnic nationalists chanting the same slogans.

If I was China I'd look for ways to co-opt Asian activists and grievance in the West. Because, after all, there is no difference between the offense a Chinese patriot and an American-born Chinese take at such as the Dolce & Gabbana ad. The latter doesn't even attempt any more to clad his ethnic pride in social justice scales: no, he'll tell you he defends a proud, superior even, people and culture.

The legal and cultural structure set up by social justice is ready-made for the final looting of the American economic and cultural legacy, which seems to be well under way. China and other countries can be expected to merge with their minority US populations politically and culturally, as they are working hard to do now.

Global ethnic communities operating under cover of globalism is one very possible future. Cheerio.

Intersectionality at the Intersection

Source: Brandon Farley

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Law and Order, Current Year Unit

You can almost hear the Law and Order clang when reading the FBI report on their take-down of a white prison gang no one has heard of outside of Georgia:
SAVANNAH, GA: More than 40 associates of the notorious Ghost Face Gangsters criminal street gang have been indicted on federal charges related to drug trafficking and firearms possession throughout eastern Georgia and beyond.

A 93-page, 83-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed Nov. 16 in U.S. District Court in Savannah lists the charges against 43 men and women for a multitude of offenses involving trafficking methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin, announced Bobby L. Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia. Federal, state and local agencies cooperated in the investigation dubbed Operation Vanilla Gorilla.

The indictment alleges that the narcotics-trafficking conspiracy began as early as 2015 and continued until the present, operating in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, Emmanuel, Evans, and Tattnall Counties, in the Southern District of Georgia, and elsewhere. Members of the conspiracy associated with the Ghost Face Gangsters, a violent, white supremacist street gang operated largely from inside prisons, and with other criminal street gangs to aid in the distribution of controlled substances, for protection, and to promote a climate of fear.

Operation Vanilla Gorilla represents one of the largest takedowns of Ghost Face Gangsters associates to date, and follows the March 2018 arrests of 23 gang members in the Northern District of Georgia on federal charges, and multiple arrests in October 2018 on state charges in Spalding County, Ga.

Charges against the defendants in Operation Vanilla Gorilla include:
  • 25 counts alleging the possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute;
  • 18 counts alleging the unlawful distribution of controlled substances; 
  • 25 counts alleging prohibited persons (drug users and/or felons) in possession of firearms and/or ammunition; 
  • One count alleging the unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon – a sawed-off rifle; 
  • One count alleging the possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number; 
  • 10 counts alleging the possession of controlled substances, including methamphetamine, heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pills; and, 
  • 2 counts alleging the possession of counterfeit currency.
This sounds like a slow weekend for Detroit's last remaining honest cops.

But these are "white supremacists" so...

Not that there's anything wrong with arresting drug dealers.
Jeff Sessions re-focused the Justice Department on traditional law and order and announced indictments against California's Mexican Mafia last May, and went after MS-13 in June.
I suspect and fear we'll miss that man.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


He stands on the corner addressing the cars that speed or creep by, oblivious to him. When traffic stops at the light he singles out a motorist whom he then appeals to directly, taking on a familiar air, as if speaking to an acquaintance, smiling. Most don't see him, some give him a moment's bored glance. None seem find him as alarming as his appearance should merit, long unwashed and transmitting the incoherent, insect energy of the manic; as the car moves on he effortlessly goes from intimate to stage manner of speech, back to engaging the multitude.
A crumpled cardboard sign lies at his feet, something is scrawled on it. Occasionally he turns about, addressing a pedestrian; none acknowledge him. His ranting grows more impassioned, his gestures grander, the longer you watch him. He pauses occasionally for effect, in a professorial manner stroking a beard that looks as if it's made of cigar ash, with his other hand a fist pressed against his hip and pulling back an overcoat bearing the satiny sheen of of caked-on dirt; sometimes he nods with pursed lips, as if to punctuate some earnest and frank aphorism; he sighs as if having unloaded a weighty truth.

You can't help yourself; you move in closer to try to catch what he's saying. Bits of it come through the crashing, rising and falling sound waves of traffic and the continual hum of everything else: "...representation; representation not of reality--no! Representation of representation..." he repeatedly reaches a climax of excited declamation, then falls back to a quiet, musing tone, gradually ascending until reaching the next peak, against which the flood of his thoughts spends itself like a crashing wave, and back again, on and on, important-sounding and nonsensical: "...closed to the real; not an alternative, no; a refutation..." Everything is so very important, so vital, so much the release of concentrated and long restrained energy that you think at any moment he will simply blast off from his feet, whistling and spiraling in a failed arc like an errant firework, to smash himself against one of the buildings nearby.

He sees you watching him; his eyes somehow grow even more intense; he is delighted, enlivened anew, as he addresses you directly. You are across the broad and busy boulevard from him, but, unnerved, you find yourself stepping back slightly, alarmed and repulsed but more curious than ever.
He breaks into a chant. He is increasingly agitated now, from all the way across the street you can see that he is trembling. You can't hear him, the wind-noise of the traffic seems to be coming out of his mouth as he repeats a single word over and over. Pedestrians are starting to notice him now, people are watching him warily as they hurry past behind him, cutting him a wider swath. He is leaning back, as if to give his words a higher trajectory to carry them farther, leaning back dangerously, deliriously, until finally he falls to the ground, and your stomach contracts in response to the crack of his head against the pavement.

Now a few people have stopped; most are merely staring; one man is kneeling near the fallen man. You move toward him reactively, without thought, stepping off the curb; as your foot lands in the street it somehow makes the sound of a foghorn; how odd, you think in the fraction of a second within which this occurs. But the sound is not coming from the ground, it's coming from the side; still held within this clear, surreal pixel of a moment, you turn to face the noise.

The bus is so large, so impossible, you think that you are hallucinating; because if it is that near, coming that fast, it can only mean...
There is a flash of white, followed by a freeze-frame snapshot, the photo-finish produced by billions of synapses in unison sounding their last alarm, of what you know is your final glimpse of the world: the driver's mouth in a little o, obscured behind the sunlight reflecting off of the big, flat windshield, and the destination sign above it. In this boundless split-second of final consciousness, only vaguely aware that you're tumbling headlong in space, you realize the word over the windshield is familiar, and another realizaton follows, as now you find you're reading the lips of the street corner lunatic after the fact, because this is the word he was repeating; it's not possible, it simply cannot be, but there it is in black and white, printed on the brow of the bus that is bearing down on you:

Monday, November 19, 2018

Absolute Weekend Recap

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Pozzland Dispatch, 11/19/18: Patriots v Hatriots

The pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer (routinely described as "far right" but somehow eluding the "hate group" distinction by the Southern Poverty Law Center) emerged from the street brawling days of the 2016 presidential campaign. Its founder says he started the group when he saw Trump supporters attacked on the street.

Its sole purpose seems to be to troll Seattle and, mostly, Portland (from across the Columbia in Vancouver) by organizing "free speech" demonstrations to elicit violent responses from the left, and has been doing this regularly since early 2017, with at least eight successful provocations by my quick count, with their most successful, measuring by trouble caused, the June riot of this year when a mob of antifa and the like attacked the group after it left a rally across from City Hall and the optics went global.

An August rally by about a hundred of them drew several hundred aggressive counter-protesters, who were held in check only by a massive police presence. The city is looking for ways out, but the city council earlier this week voted down a proposed ordinance targeting Patriot Prayer that would have limited street demonstrations. The progressives on the council and their supporters in the streets don't trust the law won't be applied to them as well--and the latter are having way too much fun.

Within days another scheduled Patriot demonstration punctuated the city's failed effort. "Him Too" was the cause--advocating on behalf of men falsely accused of sexual assault. It proved suitably provocative, and the counter-demonstrations naturally formed around Me Too.

Hours before the rally leftists gave speeches in an adjacent park.

Flyers posted about town purported to reveal some Patriot Prayer members as sexual abusers:

As the hour approached more and more lefties filled the streets, but no sign of a right wing presence. At one point a lone young man with an American flag marched down the street dividing a knot of sneering antifa and police barricading the park.

Moments later a young man in black with a bandanna over his face emerged from the antifa lines and, literally pointing-and-sputtering, began shouting "that's Andy Ngo! He's a fascist rape apologist! That's Andy Ngo! He's a..."

Ngo is a Portland State graduate and writer for Quillette who's despised by local antifa for, among other things, organizing a talk by James Damore of the Google Memo fame at the school and arguing against the leftist canon from a libertarian perspective.

Later I saw him in Chapman square, the small park block from which antifa was basing its operations. Antifa surrounded and harassed him, with one older member leaning in doing the I'm-a-tough-guy-smell-my-breath routine, threatening and calling him a "coward".
(That's me in the green and white jacket behind antifa messing with my dead phone).

Minutes before the start of the rally there were only a few dozen supporters in the park--cordoned off by metal barricades all around except for a single entry-exit point at one corner. I went through after a brief inspection that consisted of opening my jacket.A few dozen or so milled about the mini-amphitheater in the center of the park. Four or five cops swept through at one point and singled out one guy, then another for questioning. A Patriot leader made excuses for the turnout and no-show speakers who were "stuck in traffic"; the event was a bust.

It didn't matter. There might not have been fifty right-wingers total, and few of them geared up for battle as in past demonstrations. Meanwhile across the street and all around them the left had amassed two or three hundred, a high proportion battle-clad.

At the end of the Patriot rally the typical scenario unfolded, with antifa descending on vulnerable smaller groups trying to get home. I trailed one group of maybe ten Patriots being stalked by hundreds of antifa.

Here Patriot strongman Tiny Toese is almost completely alone on the street trailed by antifa:

Antifa has women. I'm struck by how often the figure wrapped up like a black mummy emits the screech of the post-adolescent female.
This contingent of black-clad co-eds went about in black and yellow (I think the common black-and-yellow worn by antifa is designed to confuse them with cops, who wear black and yellow too--whatever the case, it gets confusing) with a "Fuck Proud Boys" sign and are typical:

As often as not you'll see some 90-pound girl up in the front of the ranks relishing the feeling of power of standing down the cops. And they still reserve their fiercest ire for police.

But nobody seems to notice or care the Patriot rally was a flop. Had it been allowed to occur without attention this whole cycle might have stopped right there. Whatever the case, the Patriots seem to be running out of steam, whereas the left here is still itching for a fight. They say they want to be rid of Patriot Prayer and "hate", but I think they doth counter-protest too much. And too enthusiastically.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mind the Gapped

The nation is so cowed by political correctness controversy isn't what it used to be.
When I heard a city councilman somewhere had used the phrase "master race" my morbid self rose to the clickbait, expecting to learn some poor soul went off-matrix and starting ranting about race and all that entails.

But no, it turns out "master race" is a phrase, like "nigger", that not only offends when used in earnest, it can't be uttered in context, and certainly not in jest.
Political correctness expanded beyond barring the (ever growing realm of) offensive to things that remind one of the offensive at some point. Now we can't even be trusted with our own language, uttering child-like constructs such as "the N-word". That this is the ineffable name of our time, like Yahweh, shows you who sits atop the hierarchy of grievance that is our quasi-religious order now.

Turns out the controversy was over a councilman making a joke about the concept of "master race" in front of a black woman, with whom he actually shared an affinity
 “I don’t want you to think I am picking on you because we are part of the master race,” Klemp told Penelton. “You have a gap in your teeth. We are part of the master race. Don’t you forget that.”
Klemp, chairman of the three-member commission, also has a gap in his teeth. Fellow commissioners Robert Holland and Doug Smith have also called for Klemp to leave.
We in the gap-toothed community were not consulted.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Portland Report

This is local professional woman of color Alyssa Pariah speaking in downtown Portland today at a demonstration opposing a scheduled "#HimToo" rally in support of men falsely accused of sexual assault.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Pozztown Dispatch

Earlier this week Portland voted down an ordinance restricting public demonstrations. The city has been the scene for serial warfare between Vancouver, Washington based (just over the river) Proud Boys affiliate Patriot Prayer, and antifa. Patriot Prayer stages a demonstration for a provocative (to the pozzed--"free speech" being one) cause and antifa show up--in increasingly organized and aggressive fashion.
The economic cost and embarrassment for the city has been substantial. I suspect somewhere a cop has got a new boat with all the overtime, another one is adding on to the house...
I don't blame them. It's thankless work.

The police chief offered the bill and the mayor supported it, in hopes of being rid of the Patriots.

The same left that turns up attempting to physically drive them out of town opposed the ordinance thinking, sensibly, that the same rule would then be turned upon them. It is notable the city wasn't looking to limit protests when it was just the locals throwing a tantrum over Trump's election and breaking stuff.

So, wasting no time, combatants announce it's on, for tomorrow:
Rival protests are planned Saturday in downtown Portland, which could draw several hundred people — and potential conflict — to a pair of parks near City Hall.

An offshoot of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer scheduled a #HimToo rally and their left-wing opponents plan to hold counter demonstrations.

The demonstrations once again provide an opportunity for rival political factions to confront each other in the center of the city, in this case only days after a failed attempt by Mayor Ted Wheeler to restrict violent protests that have become a fixture in Portland.
I'll try to be on hand and livestream it at my YouTube channel.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Six of one, half dozen of the other

Donald Trump has thrown in with criminal justice reform:
President Trump threw his support behind a substantial revision of the nation’s prison and sentencing laws on Wednesday, opening a potential path to enacting the most significant changes to the criminal justice system in a generation. 
The tentative legislative package, developed by a bipartisan group of senators and called the First Step Act, builds on a prison overhaul bill already passed overwhelmingly by the House by adding changes that would begin to unwind some of the tough-on-crime federal policies of the 1980s and 1990s that incarcerated African-American offenders at much higher rates than white offenders. 
Combining new funding for anti-recidivism programs, the expansion of early-release credits for prisoners and the reduction of certain mandatory minimum sentences, the compromise bill would help shape the experiences of tens of thousands of current inmates and future offenders. 
“In many respects, we’re getting very much tougher on the truly bad criminals — of which, unfortunately, there are many,” said Mr. Trump, flanked by Republican lawmakers and law enforcement officials. “But we’re treating people differently for different crimes. Some people got caught up in situations that were very bad.” 
Just before his firing Jeff Sessions was still pushing against reform.
The proposed law would in effect roll back the Clinton Administration's 1994 Crime Bill which locked up more criminals, or in the soft Orwellian language of the Current Year, "raised incarceration rates". There is no difference between the two, but the latter is bad.

In politics locking up criminals used to be a thing. Clinton was quaintly defending it as late as the 2016 presidential campaign, before having his ass handed to him by the Narrative and apologizing. Politicians now campaign on "reducing incarceration rates", where they once campaigned on "locking up criminals"--Trump being an exception, and all the more a disappointment now for climbing down. If the Left has its way, he'll be the last national candidate who dares advocating for locking up criminals, openly.

Recall police were being executed in the streets by radicalized Black Lives Matter supporters during the 2016 campaign as part of what Steve Sailer calls the "Late Obama Age Collapse."  No small part of Trump's appeal was his old-fashioned call for law and order in the face of BLM agitation, which is a kind of criminal advocacy.

The average white American hadn't necessarily experienced an increase in crime but he knew, in 2016 as he knows now, that the problem with criminal justice isn't its "racism". Trump appeared, as if on cue, to provide us with the opportunity to strike back.

This cave from Trump and Jeff Sessions' departure threaten his gains of the past two years in rolling back Obama era excess.
Jeff Sessions spoke uncompromisingly against reform while Attorney General and issued a memo on his way out limiting the pursuit and extent of consent decrees--seeking to preempt a return to Obama/Holder's political weaponization of them.

The bill, which would take more people out of prison and into halfway houses, reverts to Obama-era policy and is sold in part on its economics--it's cheaper to put someone in a halfway house than a cell (and an ankle bracelet for home detention is cheaper still) and the Bureau of Prisons ran a shortfall of 40 million last year.

Apparently under Sessions' authority convicts were serving out more of their sentences and spending less time in the bloated industry of halfway house contractors that rose to meet Obama-era demand.
Prisoner advocate the Marshall Project complained just last month:
In federal penitentiaries across the nation, prisoners eagerly awaiting a transfer to halfway houses say they are being told that they will have to wait weeks or months longer than they had anticipated because there is a shortage of beds at the transitional group homes. 
But that’s not true. According to inmates, halfway house staff and industry officials, scores of beds lie empty, with some estimates of at least 1,000 vacant spaces. They remain unused due to a series of decisions that have sharply reduced the number of prisoners sent to halfway houses. And home confinement, a federal arrangement similar to house arrest that allows prisoners to complete their sentences with minimal supervision, is being even more drastically curtailed. 
The Bureau of Prisons says it is curbing overspending of past years and streamlining operations, but that doesn’t make sense. Putting inmates in halfway houses or on home confinement is much cheaper than imprisonment. The federal government spent almost $36,300 a year to imprison an inmate, $4,000 more compared with the cost to place a person in a halfway house in 2017, according to the Federal Register. It costs $4,392 a year to monitor someone on home confinement, according to a 2016 report by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. 
The new law is being sold as a money-saver.
Abandoning transitional supervision aligns with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ disputed opinion that reduced prison populations during the Obama administration are to blame for a small uptick in violent crime. As a senator from Alabama, Sessions led the charge two years ago against a bill to ease sentences, and as attorney general he has instructed prosecutors to be more aggressive in charging defendants.  
Steve Sailer attributes that "small uptick" to his "Late Obama Age" collapse thesis: BLM rioting and the subsequent retreat of police forces in affected municipalities led to increases in murder rates, citing its localization in places like Baltimore and Ferguson. Jeff Sessions has been blaming soft law enforcement leaving too many criminals on the street. Certainly the overall effect of the Obama administration was to keep as many criminals out of jail as possible while riling them up with demagogy about police brutality.
But his draconian ideas are undermining his own boss’ stated preference for early release and rehabilitation programs. President Donald Trump has endorsed the First Step Act, which would let prisoners earn significant time to finish their sentences in halfway houses or home confinement if they complete certain rehabilitation programs. The bill is awaiting a Senate vote. Trump has said that he would “overrule” Sessions if the attorney general tried to stymie efforts to reform the criminal justice system.
Criminal justice reform as envisioned by the new bill seeks to get people out of prison earlier and out of halfway houses and into home detention earlier. Predictable problems arise from putting convicts too early into transitional

This reversion to Obama-era policies will impact public safety.
Since the 1960s, halfway houses have provided federal prisoners a running start before release to find work, which has been shown to help people stay crime-free longer. A Pennsylvania state study found connections between higher rearrest rates and stints in halfway houses, while federal violations, violence and overdoses have contributed to poor public perception of the facilities. But prisoners and their advocates say moving into a transitional residence gives inmates an incentive to avoid trouble in prison and join rehabilitative programs. 
Under the Obama administration, the number of federal prisoners in halfway houses and other transitional programs boomed. The federal government required the privately-run residences to provide mental health and substance abuse treatment, and the Department of Justice also increased access to ankle monitors so more prisoners could finish sentences in their own homes. 
At the peak in 2015, more than 10,600 prisoners resided in federal halfway houses. The number of inmates in home confinement—4,600—was up more than a third from the year before. In all, one in 14 of the people under Bureau of Prisons supervision was living at home or in a halfway house.
If you fall victim to a crime take solace: the event is tangible evidence of lower incarceration rates!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Life of Becky

The left's current campaign against white women for not voting as a leftist block (for policies hostile to them as white people) looks like just another Current Year escalation, but feminism and black civil rights have been in real conflict the whole time.

The suffragettes of course were progressive "racists" whose reputations are already being taken down just as the centennial of the 19th Amendment approaches--their statues are slated for removal before going up. They argued from a white supremacist point of view: giving the vote to a black man before giving it to a white woman was an outrage.

With the inclusion of sex as a protected category in Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the creation of the initially weak Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began the transformation of the women's rights movement into one modeled entirely on black civil rights, treating sex as a class no different than race.

Including sex as a protected class was offered by Virginia Democrat and Rules Committee chairman Howard W. Smith as a sort of troll, thinking to sink it:
The Southerners’ plan was to delay a vote, in the hope that violent protests would lead to a white backlash. Smith promised to drag out hearings on the bill. But in January, 1964, he was threatened with a discharge petition—a measure, rarely used, to bring legislation out of committee against the wishes of the chairman—into releasing it for debate. It was during that debate that he introduced, on February 8, 1964, the sex amendment.

The amendment was a one-word addition, “sex,” to Title VII of the bill, which prohibited employers from discriminating on the basis of “race, color, religion, or national origin.” Opponents of Smith’s amendment, led by Emanuel Celler, of Brooklyn, the seventy-five-year-old chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and the bill’s floor leader, regarded it as either a prank intended to expose the limits of liberal egalitarianism or a poison pill that would make the bill more difficult to pass in the House, which had twelve female members, and impossible to pass in the Senate, which had two.

Opponents of civil-rights legislation had offered the sex amendment before. In 1950, Congress debated the resurrection of the Fair Employment Practices Committee, which had been created by Roosevelt to ban discrimination by government contractors, but which, after the war, under the leadership of Smith and Richard Russell, of Georgia, Congress had shut down. A Florida congressman, Dwight Rogers, proposed adding “sex” to the list of categories to be protected from discrimination. The House adopted the amendment, and the bill died in the Senate. 
If Smith’s amendment was a prank, it backfired. The House accepted it by a “teller” vote (that is, a head count) of 168 to 133. Most of the yeas were reported to have been Republicans and Southern Democrats. Johnson and Robert Kennedy were firm about minimizing changes to the bill after it reached the Senate, and although there were some alterations, the ban on discrimination by gender stayed in. On July 2nd, it became law.
Historians don't agree Smith was insincere in offering the amendment; he was a longtime confederate of radical suffragist Alice Paul and supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. Hugh Davis Graham in "The Civil Rights Era":
The courtly Virginian, however, was also curiously sincere in his unlikely feminist egalitarianism. He had been a Congressional sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment since as far back as 1945--almost as far back as he had been a scourge of [] FEPC. Ever since then he had maintained loose political ties with the National Women's Party...founded in 1913 in the suffragist campaign under the aggressive leadership of Alice Paul... 
..For forty years the NWP's campaign for the ERA was opposed by vintage Democrats like Eleanor Roosevelt and Emanuel Celler, largely because it threatened their proud legacy of progressive legislation to protect women in the workplace...
The ERA would have negated laws designed to protect women from exploitation in the workplace which included limiting the hours they can work (as Title VII has anyway). The "courtly" Judge Smith was also a friend of business. Virginia's textile mills employed a lot of women and were interested in anything that made it easier to employ them.

Granting women equal employment rights, as with the vote, had secondary effects on the racial dynamic, and Smith's amendment was defended by firebrand women's libber Martha Gritffiths in racial terms:
Martha W. Griffiths of Michigan, who was the first woman to join the House Ways and Means Committee, led the bipartisan and ideologically strange fight for the Smith Amendment. Griffiths was a warrior who took no prisoners; she declared that "a vote against this amendment today by a white man is a vote against his wife, or his widow, or his daughter, or his sister... 
...It would be incredible to me that white men would be willing to place white women at such a disadvantage," Griffiths said. Under the bill as reported, "you are going to have white men in one bracket, you are going to try to take colored men and colored women and give them equal employment rights, and down at the bottom of the list is going to be a white woman with no rights at all."
But the ancient, stubborn female rage we're seeing expressed through, among other things, the #metoo movement, was showing itself as well:
Katherine St George, a genteel Republican from Tuxedo Park, New York, hurled defiance in the teeth of her male colleagues: "We outlast you. We oultive you. We nag you to death. So why should we want special privileges?" "We want this crumb of equality," she said, "to correct something that goes back, frankly, to the dark ages."
We haven't even named the primordial rage we've unleashed with women's liberation. But it's real.
Her  Republican Colleague, Catherine May of Washington, was a less strident petitioner, yet quaintly echoed the sentiments of the NWP: "I hope we won't overlook the native-born American woman of Christian religion."
No. We'll just name her Becky and set loose the hounds.


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