Thursday, January 27, 2011

Roll Credits

Beck, Lost Cause

Baths, Pop Song

Richard D. James, Quino-Phec

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outreach, Concluded

Final tally. Dennis as existential stranger.

"Yes. Sexual predators infiltrated the social networking component of the site... "
--"Ryan", The Office

...the Darndest Things!

Monday one of the feral teens involved in the economic-recreational beating death of Seattle's "Tuba Man" was arrested for something called "unlawful bus conduct." This is his second arrest after serving a nominal sentence for the killing, committed when he was just fifteen. His first (known) fatality remains a source of considerable pride for the youngster (see below), now 18 and just whiling away the brief period between that and the blessed release that will be his own death or long-term incarceration.
Somewhat reassuringly, the high correlation of violent crime to gross stupidity is here in evidence, suggesting that indecent interval will be very brief indeed. Unsurprisingly, his sophistication regarding the criminal justice system hasn't yet matched his precocity for criminal violence, and his conspicuous lack of shame regarding the killing (or appreciation for the mercy shown him) suggests that on his block he's something of a celebrity:

"While he was being searched by Deputy Hill and Deputy Nix, (the teen) bragged to them about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man," according to an incident report. "He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Brown (sic), got him off with only three months for stomping Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges too," a deputy wrote in an incident report.

However, John Henry Browne was not the teen's attorney on the Tuba Man case, in which he received a sentence of 30 to 72 weeks and served all 72. His attorneys were public defenders Daewoo Kim and Hal Palmer, according to the King County Prosecutor's Office.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Uncanny Recognition

From The Onion:

NEW YORK—According to media analysts, the nation's TV commentators and political pundits have proved uncannily accurate when describing the deeply disturbed inner thoughts of accused Arizona gunman Jared Loughner. "It's strange, but when it comes to getting inside the mind of this human being who seems to possess no empathy, sense of morality, or hold on reality, and who is motivated only by personal animus and self-glorification, the nation's major political pundits have been amazingly adept," said Horizon Media analyst Bob Cullen, who has studied extensive tape of commentators on all major TV news programs and found their remarks on "what the killer is thinking" to be consistently thorough and detailed across the board. "It's almost as though they have some way of knowing, firsthand, exactly what this demented and highly dangerous individual with the eyes of millions upon him is going through." Researchers at Horizon Media also reported that a number of prominent TV pundits appeared to be mimicking the exact same chilling gleam in Loughner's eye for what they could only speculate was "dramatic effect."


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