Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Siege Notes, Portland June 30

Protesters were down to the dozens last night as they harassed a platoon of cops in front of Portland's Justice Center and US District Courthouse.
Earlier a demonstration of a hundred or more gathered at the site of a shooting two years ago by Portland State University police. Disarming PSU cops has been a campaign for as long as they've been armed and is energized like every other progressive campaign in the wake of the city's surrender to BLM.

The graffiti remains up at the courthouse and the Justice Center looks like a plywood fort; everywhere else in the city the siege has lifted, reflecting the reality of a city government abandoning its police--and courts.

The various murals and memorials, especially the central shrine they've made of the Apple store (4th and Yamhill downtown, home to (nominally, still) high-end shops like Tiffany, Louis Vuitton and Apple, is now intersectionality avenue, where everything remains up. In the early days (we're in day 34 or 35 now) city workers came out daily to clean up the graffiti, but no more.

No doubt dismantling the artworks will be troublesome (I fully expect much of it to end up permanent or sent to museums and schools). It's not clear if Apple will want or be able to reclaim its place.

A lurid pall of delusional menace hangs over a city afraid to speak.

As elsewhere the police are being restricted in their rules of engagement at the same time they battle an adapting insurgent force, like the boys in Vietnam. No, Rambo, you don't get to win this time either:
Portland police face additional restrictions on their use of less-lethal munitions to control crowds, based on a new temporary agreement filed in federal court Friday night.  
The new agreement is part of a temporary restraining order that the nonprofit Don’t Shoot Portland obtained against the city, barring police use of tear gas except when lives are at risk. The 14-day temporary order was extended until July 24.  
Under an amended order approved Friday and reached jointly by both sides, officers are now restricted in from firing less-lethal launchers into a crowd if people engaged in passive resistance are likely to be struck.  
The bureau’s use of rubber ball distraction devices can only be used if the lives or safety of the public or police are at risk, and shall not be used to disperse crowds when there’s little or no risk of injury to the public or police, the agreement says.  
Handheld pepper spray canisters also “shall not'' be used against people engaged in passive resistance, and police should minimize pepper spray exposure to peaceful demonstrators.
Pressure from below comes from the earnest rabble put on the streets and from above by complicit governments feigning surrender; this pattern is playing out almost everywhere that counts.

Meanwhile Coke would like to buy the world a gag. As Facebook and others are pressured from within by their own woketroops to censor, big corporations pressure them from without, and the ADL seeks to mop up what's left of dissident media with its "Stop Hate for Profit" campaign, boycotting social media until they get in line with the new cruelty:
They allowed incitement to violence against protesters fighting for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and so many others.

They named Breitbart News a “trusted news source” and made The Daily Caller a “fact checker” despite both publications having records of working with known white nationalists.

They turned a blind eye to blatant voter suppression on their platform.

Could they protect and support Black users? Could they call out Holocaust denial as hate? Could they help get out the vote?

They absolutely could. But they are actively choosing not to do so.

99% of Facebook’s $70 billion is made through advertising.

Who will advertisers stand with?

Let’s send Facebook a powerful message: Your profits will never be worth promoting hate, bigotry, racism, antisemitism and violence.
Just as the high-low combination of mob violence and entrenched power is remaking your city right now, the same dynamic is remaking your media, finally and incontrovertibly, with employee social justice auxiliaries pressuring social media companies from within, and corporations pressuring them from without with such as the ADL campaign.

Meanwhile Governor Kate Brown extended Oregon's state of ermegency regarding Covid-19, noting the first two weeks of June saw an increase in cases but making no mention of the siege chaos--the neglected and more immediate state of emergency, at least here--that is likely behind it.

Still, our numbers are small and the action is based on "the potential for exponential growth by mid-July"; as nothing can be trusted any more, you have to wonder. Kate Brown might in fact be hoping to dampen the protests a bit with this.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Siege of Portland June 26

Daytime protests in Portland have waned to the point there was no presence at the Justice Center today. The nightly protests persist with smaller but more determined crowds; they too were easing this week until last night, when antifa launched two separate attacks, assailing a precinct in a gentrifying neighborhood on MLK Blvd as well as the routine harassment of the Justice Center downtown.

It represented an escalation after a week of de-escalation, and the attack on MLK may have been the first strategic mistake for antifa:
As workers used power-washers to rid the outer walls at Portland’s North Precinct of vulgar and derogatory graffiti tags against police, members of Portland’s Black community stood with the city’s police chief outside the building Friday to decry the vandalism, barricading of precinct doors and setting of a nearby fire the night before.  
Chief Chuck Lovell called the actions “not only reprehensible, but they’re evil, ‘' emphasizing that people were inside the precinct when vandals blocked side doors by nailing wooden beams across them, and then pushed a dumpster, from which flames were shooting out, along the west side of the building. “It needs to stop, and it needs to stop today,‘'  
Lovell said. Other Black leaders in the community called the criminal activity the work of “terrorists,‘' “delinquents,‘' and the “act of a coward.‘' They blasted those responsible for undermining the Black Lives Movement and causing damage to Black-owned businesses in an area where the Black community has struggled to maintain its historical hold.  
Mayor Ted Wheeler called the destruction “a horrible, horrendous miscalculation.‘'
The mayor's use of the word "miscaluation", sounding more like someone in a strategy session with, than a mayor addressing the public about the actions of antifa I think is revealing.

Nightly the Justice Center is under similar assault and no one at City Hall offers even a tepid defense of the police. Instead they congratulate the rioters on their wokeness and apologize for not having looted the police budget sooner to fund some of the same people organizing the Mostly Peaceful Protests--from bent knee.

We're a month into the siege and it's the leading progressive on the City Council who's put the brakes on the giddy rush to defund the police to the tune of 50 million--probably not out of civic good sense but because progressives find themselves so far ahead of previously realistic expectations and are suddenly in the position of potentially inheriting the police department. With no opposition in sight on the horizon, why hurry now to slash a budget you could inherit?

They've achieved the remarkable goals of being rid of the city's gang/gun unit, transit patrols and school cops--all deemed racist because of their tendency to oppress gang bangers, fare jumpers and school bullies. The state has convened a session to address the crisis and things like qualified immunity for cops are being hauled out like unfortunate motorists who've wandered into a Mostly Peaceful Protest.

Now that the capitulation seems to have reached the point of diminishing returns, the siege has eased broadly, leaving the city alone during the day and convening every night at the Justice Center. Yesterday City Hall removed its concrete block and chain link fortifications at the same time the Justice Center was redoubling theirs.

So Wheeler's use of the word "miscalculation" would be giving away the game if anyone was paying attention. 
He speaks as if he's got some sort of agreement with the rioters (something for all the capitulation with no sign of slowing), that they would confine their activities to harassing the jail

Wheeler may also feel emboldened now in his struggle with antifa, suddenly vulnerable for having stepped on black toes. Some earnest young antifa leader right now is banging his head trying to keep up with the rules.
“You attacked our community,‘' said Nike Greene, director of the city’s Office of Youth Violence Prevention. “We will never stand for that.‘' Late Thursday night, dumpsters from businesses along Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard were moved to the intersection with Killingsworth Street, blocking traffic. A fire was set inside one and the dumpster was pushed up to the west side of the police precinct. Graffiti was left on businesses along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, north of the precinct, and windows of the Top To Bottom clothing store were broken and merchandise stolen.

Police Deputy Chief Chris Davis said officers used tear gas after they had trouble clearing people from the area once flames were shooting out of the dumpster. They were working to allow firefighters to get in to put out the blaze, he said. Police are under a court order restricting tear gas use to only life-threatening situations....There were officers inside the precinct, as well as four people who were in custody at the time, Davis said.
I watched this on a livestream last night and the crowd was overwhelmingly white antifa. Whi-tifa.
Portland native and ex-gang member Lionel Irving Jr., who started a nonprofit called Men Building Men, said he came out to Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Killingsworth Street late Thursday into early Friday to try to talk to those intent on causing damage.

He estimated that 30 to 40 people, who were largely white, were involved in the vandalism out of a crowd of about 200 people. “I challenge the brothers in this community to come out to these protests. You’ve got to come up here and be on the front line. Don’t allow them to speak for us,‘' Irving urged. “Don’t let them represent you. Don’t let them tear our neighborhood down.‘'

“You can’t oppress the oppressor. That will never work,‘' he said
Oh I don't know about that. The designated oppressor is looking pretty oppressed.

In all the chaos and excitement of the past month black women forgot why they march--to be considered more attractive. So just when we thought we had a moment to breathe (cue breaking down in tears, "he just wanted to breathe, man..."; sorry) here come the formidably intersectional faction of black female sex workers to the Estates Venereal to demand--but of course, it was inevitable!--that your erection check its white privilege:
 “No justice, no booty!” was one of the rallying cries during a PDX Stripper Strike protest on Wednesday afternoon. About 100 people gathered for the event...Cat Hollis, lead coordinator with the Haymarket Pole Collective, which works to implement anti-discrimination policies in the adult industry, delivered letters of demands to both clubs. The protesters want all Portland clubs to provide cultural sensitivity training for employees and offer more equitable scheduling for dancers of color.
Strip clubs are to stop discriminating on the basis of sexual attractiveness.
Brianna Cistrunk, a former dancer, founded the Jezebel Project two months ago to “give a platform to Black strippers and entertainers that find themselves either discriminated against or without a voice.”  
...“If we do get hired, we’re usually kept on day shifts or shifts during the week which historically are not the more lucrative shifts.”
The legendarily jarring afternoon shift, yes. Can't unsee it, as they say.
But there's hope:
“Public accommodations include places that do business with the public,” wrote Jenny Smith, spokesperson with Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries. “In your example, if a club was refusing to audition or book dancers of color because of their race or national origin, that would be illegal discrimination.”
To paraphrase the man, imagine a black stripper twerking in a white face forever.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Siege of Portland June 25: City Haul

In a sign of easing tensions between our local color revolution occupiers and City Hall, the building was un-barricaded today.

At the same time the Justice Center was busy reinforcing its wooden barricades, building and erecting plywood and two-by-four doors and frames. It remains the center of a nightly siege, while things have eased up generally. The crowds now are more dedicated antifa, but smaller--someone estimated they topped out at 150 last night, harassing the cops and tearing holes in the cyclone fencing. 

In a triumph of hope over self-respect the city pulled down the outer fence that had encompassed the street in front of the building last Monday.
“We are removing the fence to show our willingness to have dialog and peaceful communication toward starting to heal our community. We are open and listening to discussions of how the community envisions its police serve them in the future.
“Our hope is that the nightly violence and destruction around the justice center will stop and the focus can be directed toward peaceful conversation. The inner fence will remain in place while the county side is repaired.”
With protesters pulling back during the day now--today there were no groups assembled in the park blocks between City Hall and the Justice Center, just people coming and going to look, normal folk and antifa sympathetic alike. The siege-feeling is lifting downtown--during the day--while the Justice Center is still set upon nightly, with demonstrators breaching the fence last night and police, still, showing restraint.
With the police in the Justice Center isolated like Fort Apache, no relief but the looting of their budget in sight, and city government throwing them under the bus daily in front of all manner of groups--intersectionality!--determined to get in on the opening of the social justice frontier that is the George Floyd hoax, the barricades going down at City Hall at the same time they're going up across the way at the Justice Center, the betrayal and abandonment of the cops by the city couldn't be more stark.

Mayor Wheeler now conducts remote city council meetings now in the guise of someone undergoing a self-criticism session:

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Siege June 21: Fireworks and Obscurity

Antifa are using fireworks to harass police in various cities. It's a clever innovation. With the cover of a friendly media they're deploying their own crude riot weapons and maintaining their "mostly peaceful" status at the same time because, well they're just fireworks.

Municipalities might want to move now to ban the sale of fireworks this year, if they can, and aren't safely remote from the madness somewhere in Red State America. A cursory look suggests cancelling consumer fireworks isn't being suggested anywhere, and the normal--or above normal--supply of consumer fireworks are about to be made available. Fourth of July should be lit yo.

Of course the fireworks we're seeing already are bigger grade than the consumer variety. Their lineage should be traced.

As the nation's police are now dividing their time between riot control and sheltering in place in their stations and patrol cars, lawlessness increases.

In Brooklyn they're lighting off fireworks all night apparently, and for the gentrifiers there it must come like the sound if Indian war drums to the settlers. Some have dared complain, not yet aware that the Rules Have Changed.
At Buzzfeed this is fed back into the narrate-o-matic as Karen calling in the cops to oppress black bodies:
Just over two weeks after the NYPD violently suppressed peaceful protests around New York City, police early Monday morning responded to reports of illegal fireworks in a Brooklyn neighborhood with dozens of officers in riot gear — who blocked off a street, threatened anyone who was outside with arrest, and stormed inside an apartment building. Fireworks aren’t unusual in the summer in Flatbush, though even lifelong residents say there have been a lot more this year. What was alarming, those residents told BuzzFeed News, were the police helicopters circling overhead as officers — wearing helmets, shields, batons, body armor, and holding Tasers — pointed flashlights into apartment windows. As residents watched nervously from their porches, some livestreamed the event from their phones. Police took at least one person into custody, as captured by a cellphone video.

Monday’s response came as three dynamics in Brooklyn, some brewing for years, seemed to converge: the genuine increase in the amount of fireworks, possibly out of solidarity with Black Lives Matter demonstrations; police frequently rolling through the streets in riot gear after this month’s protests; and people on Facebook, primarily white gentrifiers, complaining about the level of noise and demanding that the city responds.

“The deployment of riot gear is a sign of a police department in total crisis that has no idea what they're doing, and has completely lost any connection to the community,” Alex Vitale, a professor of sociology at Brooklyn College who wrote The End of Policing, told BuzzFeed News. “And this is going to just make tensions between the police and the public worse.”
Presented with a community dispute, Buzzfeed goes directly to the sociology professor, whose answer is defund the police, touches base with the activist community, and apparently didn't even seek out a quote from the other side.

Of course, there is no other side. The Karen purge has been going on for some time. I know it's Buzzfeed, but it's still jarring to see what is ostensibly journalism throwing in with this:
For some Flatbush residents, the show of police force on Sunday night and Monday morning wasn’t a surprise and was emblematic of growing tension in the community. For years, they say, white gentrifiers have discussed their issues in the community, like noise complaints, in private Facebook Groups. 
Palmer said gentrifiers have gathered on social media instead of engaging with their new community. Two years ago, she said, she and several other activists of color raised concerns about posts in a Prospect Lefferts Garden Facebook Group, where people were complaining about local residents "playing music, or people 'loitering' or smoking weed,” adding they wanted to call the police. After these concerns were raised, she said, they were kicked out of the group.
Gentrifying areas as points of contact between whites and blacks are the physical front lines of a broader conflict that is--for blacks if not those who manipulate their anger--about who gets to decide social standards of behavior.

Western standards oppress black behavior. Not because they are oppressive. Quite the contrary. Our liberalism, equanimity and individuality, born of our unique historic and genetic profile, are in fact oppressive to someone born of another.

Equality before the law is oppression, to the mediocre. But to be fair, for anyone, living in a culture not created by his own ethnic group the normal is oppression. Kind of like how it feels now to be white--you have no home in the culture. US culture, ironically, can't feel natural to any group, not just whites. With the George Floyd hoax, black America is making its play to own not just the politics but the culture of the fading United States.

"Equality will feel like oppression" to white people, one black mediocrity enjoying his new status as moral inquisitor said in reference to the re-education of Jimmy Fallon, who's been obliged by his network to undergo a public re-education for doing a "blackface" routine back when there was no hysteria surrounding it. 

Indeed. It's really this: equality feels like oppression to blacks.

Ours are standards black people, when left to their own devices, would never choose; they keep telling us as much. So far they have borne the cost of that disparity, as they see it--in incarceration numbers, for starters. That's why they toss aside all logic and common sense in simply trying to hammer that disparity flat, public peace be damned.

So no amount of objective argument is going to change things. We're stuck arguing-without-arguing that giving black people the society they want is bad for blacks, as measured in crime and murder, for starters. But black people are saying loud and clear--to the extent they're capable of clarity--they don't care. One thug dead at the hands of white cop offends them more than a hundred dead thugs and innocents outrages them, because this is personal, this is "family" as they sometimes say.

And why are the casualties of black America's alternative society dismissed by blacks, misinterpreted as the product of white racism? Because they come at the hands of other blacks, of course, and are not therefore a racial affront.

But black people are--absent the demagogy of the elite--indifferent to the slaughter on their streets.

Thus we arrive at the real problem with "black lives matter": life, generally, matters far less to American blacks than to whites. Thus their appalling violence, which ultimately leads to the violent encounters with police and the handful of cases such as George Floyd who, ironically, is made a martyr in part to ensure the slaughter in the inner cities goes on unimpeded by white cops.


Friday, June 19, 2020

Siege of Portland June 19: Occupation, Desecration

I spied a white couple--boys or girls, you ask? one of each, actually--resembling each other the way couples often do, both soft and pasty in the same way, their bodies cutting the same general outline; perhaps this is due to their matching clothes and black tees with "OK Boomer" printed on the front. They were going to the protest.

The crowds have eased downtown, with the occupation of the park blocks across from the still barricaded Justice Center, US District Court and Portland's federal building mostly clearing out in daylight; by late in the night an antifa force of a hundred harass police there until being cleared out, dispersing and reforming as the cops chase them about in a now familiar dance. If the local effort isn't waning we're in a lull. 

The shock and awe phase of outright rioting, when the Justice Center was literally overrrun, came like an invasion, and now, having yielded such remarkable results, the campaign settles into a sort of occupation of low level antagonism, with smaller but vociferous groups showing up to throw stuff at police and pulling down a fine George Washington statue.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Siege of Portland, June 18: "Refund the Police"

Portland appears to have sated the social justice fury for the time being by raiding a mere 15 million from the cops and closing out the programs most offensive to blacks: school cops, the gun violence reduction team--formerly the gang unit--and transit cops (transit will still have police, from other jurisdictions for the time being), all programs black advocates have been after for a long time.

This is from a 246 million dollar budget, so there's a lot more ruin to experience still.

Listening to progressive local radio here yesterday suggests a change of strategy already--the argument brewing now is not to defund the police but to take them over. This is the language coming from Jo Ann Hardesty, de facto mayor while Ted Wheeler takes an extended knee, as well, in trying to appease the rabble demanding 50 million cut from cops for starters.

And why wouldn't they, finding themselves suddenly unopposed, not realize how much more fun it would be to become the cops (even if it wasn't, as it certainly is, the point the whole time)? The model of transferring police funds to black activist groups and social workers is of far less utility to the progressive movement than taking over the police and their functions.

A police department fully under the control of such as Portland's "community" would instantly yield them a surveillance capability and database they've probably been dreaming of for years. Also, guns.

"Defund the police" is yet another dishonest slogan. No one at the higher levels wants this. It would be merely stupid. These people are evil as well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Siege of Soros June 16: Ending White Portland

Portland will not be outdone by its bigger, richer but never woker neighbor to the north. Inspired by the so-called Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, graffiti is appearing here now calling for an "autonomous zone" called "Cascadia". The fact is there really is no point in it, when the city is essentially theirs.

City Council meetings now appear to be run by black radical Jo Ann Hardesty, who is in high spirits.

She's stopping short of constituent demands for cutting 50 million from the police, satisfied for the moment with the 15 million the city immediately coughed up in response to the ongoing occupation of the city. Her fellow radical, Chloe Eudaly, knowing the measure will pass without her vote, 3 to 4, is grandstanding by voting no, and probably raising the ire of the now dominant Hardesty as she appears to be trying to outflank her on the left.
On its second attempt in as many weeks, the Portland City Council passed a budget Wednesday that will reroute more than $15 million from the police bureau to other city programs and initiatives. The cuts include disbanding police units that work in schools, investigate gun violence and patrol the regional public transit system.

The Council voted 3-1 to adopt the $5.6 billion spending plan that kicks in July 1. Commissioner Chloe Eudaly for the second time voted against the budget, noting how many in the community have called for as much as $50 million to be removed from the police budget.
Since it's Hardesty's city for the moment, she's wisely trimming her sails and settling in for the longer duration, at the same time protests are shifting tactics from riotous confrontation to an occupy-style encampment, and these things are likely related.

Of course it's white radicals pushing hardest now, and Hardesty, who promised to "end white Portland" is in the role of moderating them, wary of overdoing it too soon and, probably, understanding there is no real war on blacks and no real, non-political urgency to the cause, just the long project of transferring power now suddenly rushing to a possible climax.
But she's surrounded by LARPers and lunatics, of course.
The Council voted 3-1 to adopt the $5.6 billion spending plan that kicks in July 1. Commissioner Chloe Eudaly for the second time voted against the budget, noting how many in the community have called for as much as $50 million to be removed from the police budget.  
Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, before voting yes, said she believed the $50 million tally was “based on nothing” and hadn’t seen any analysis of how that amount correlated with what the police bureau does and the direction the city wants to move in.

She urged the public to instead “celebrate this incredible moment that we’re in.”

A former state lawmaker, former head of Portland’s NAACP chapter and the first Black woman elected to the Portland City Council, Hardesty was a key architect of the reform package approved Wednesday.

“Never in my life would I have imagined that we or any government would be able to cut that much significant resources out of a police budget,” she said.
The goal is not so much to eliminate the police but to usurp their authority and functions, as part of the national effort to eliminate the police as the last bastion of conservative resistance (as someone pointed out, as they've done with the military--note the brass is throwing in with the coup as I write).

Eudaly has said one goal is to prevent police from interacting with the mentally ill at all--to take that "off their plate"; how it would work in practice--how social workers would engage a man swinging a bat--or defecating--in the middle of a crowded Starbucks, for instance, I don't know. The procedure would have to be that you called social workers. Maybe the police could come in and secure the area, but be barred from "interacting"; it hasn't yet been stated outright, but all indications are their vision for law enforcement is to likewise eliminate police contact with blacks.

Hardesty is unfortunately capable enough to appreciate this windfall, and is not going to mismanage it by going too fast.
Hardesty asked the “new young white people who all of a sudden are demanding equality for black folks in the community,” where their voices were when Portland police officers killed Kendra James in 2003, Aaron Campbell in 2010 and other Black residents. She said they weren’t with her advocating for changes then.

“I want you to know that it is not appropriate for you to say to me that I have not gone far enough,” she said. “You don’t know the shoes that I’ve walked in over the 30 years that I’ve lived in Portland, and I am honored to have a seat on the City Council in this time where we are making transformational changes. There’s nowhere else in the world I would want to be.”
Indeed. I'm not sure everyone feels that way.

On Blast, from the Past

This essay got me booted off the American Conservative blog nine years (!) ago.

We've been on the road to the Current Year for a while now. Plus ca change, and hope.

This Ain't the Summer of Love

"Really? Is this really happening?"

This ain't the Garden of Eden,
There ain't no angels above,
And things ain't what they're supposed to be,
And this ain't the Summer of Love


The post-racial dream has become a nightmare. The use of social media to take over public space by surprise (the definition of “flash mob”, alas) for the purpose of recreational racist terror is this summer's trend.

Affected municipalities across the country brace themselves ahead of heat waves and large public events; holiday weekends loom like potential squalls on the horizon. Recession-lean budgets strain to add police ("...we have deployed additional officers..."): more police aren't always enough ("...shootings happened despite a high police presence..."). Businesses lose money and fear for the safety of employees. Some are harassed for closing their doors to the chaos.

Suburbanites surrender the city and stay home; events are cancelled, scaled back, starved. Organizing ad hoc via social networking for the purpose of amusement, black adolescents terrorize parts of the country like al Qaeda only wishes it could.

It all seems so long ago now. Once, liberal Americans anticipated with perverse ecstasy a violent racist reaction to an Obama presidency. This is not what they had in mind...

Siege of Portland, June 16

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Siege Routine

Community Engagement

Peaceful protest, Portland June 16 2020. (I'm not sure the young lady understands the "field/house nigger" distinction.) The mood was as ugly as ever last night.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

They say the neon lights are Bright, on Broadway...

Portland police pushing antifa down Main Street across Broadway near Portland's concert hall downtown before withdrawing. June 13, 2020.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Siege of Portland Day 15

Portland's mayor has suspended the use of tear gas and antifa continues to fill downtown and besiege the Justice center--every night now for two weeks. Last night an acquaintance who's an antifa sympathizer (I think) excitedly told me the police were using clubs to clear the streets. I drove downtown at about two in the morning to see small police units and paddy wagons--long vans with cops riding on outboard rails--chasing small groups off the streets here and there.

Portland's new chief of police, a black guy replacing a white woman who quickly realized her privilege last Sunday and bailed out made space for a person of color, is talking about community policing--putting cops in closer contact with their community to establish trust--from behind barricades scrawled with various death-to-police slogans. As the city's radical council members are busy carving up his budget--and attendant authority--to give to their "community"--of progressive organizations behind the rioting.

In Portland when "the community" is invoked it is not the community of tax-paying citizens of the city, but non-white and sexual minorities; most often perhaps "the community" is Portland's small black population. Their anger--or the specter of it--is leveraged by the usual suspects here to gain power and loot the budget the way it does everywhere else, and just as everywhere else, the riots elicited a total collapse in any remaining resistance to plans that would have taken them years more to achieve.

Perhaps most disturbingly, they see no opposition ahead. The city council's remote meetings are dominated by professional activist and social justice karens demanding defunding the police to fight white supremacy.

Meanwhile, the great "right wing terror" threat fails to materialize and the media is likely growing antsy about that.
It's chilling to think we are just one contrived or blown-up (excuse the phrase) incident from further escalation--or one genuine incident, which, for any sane person, would not change the initial calculus. This remains a hoax based on the lie blacks are oppressed by whites, when in fact, as we see, they are a weapon in our oppression.

Two wretched homeless men will have to pay symbolically for our white privilege.
Two white men have been accused in separate instances of uttering racial slurs at two black TriMet employees and spitting on or chasing after the employees. A grand jury reviewed the cases of both defendants and ended up indicting them on charges of committing hate crimes.

The first defendant, Charles Eugene Bernbeck, grew agitated after the bus he was riding in had reached the end of the line in downtown Portland, at Southwest Park Avenue and Columbia Street, at about 7:15 a.m. on March 16, according to a probable cause affidavit. The bus driver, who is African American, told passengers to get off.

After Bernbeck couldn’t open the rear door because it was locked and the front door because he tried to open it the wrong way, he spat “a large amount of saliva” in the driver’s face, according to the affidavit. Some of the saliva ended up in the driver’s mouth, and Bernbeck repeatedly called the driver a racist slur, the affidavit states.
The driver got up and complained about what Bernbeck had just done, and Bernbeck moved toward the driver again but backed off and got off the bus when the driver picked up a metal bar, the affidavit states.
The grand jury indicted Bernbeck on counts of second-degree bias crime, harassment and interfering with public transportation.

 "I pledge to never again remain silent about my white privilege..."
According to a probable cause affidavit, an African American TriMet supervisor was at the Barbur Transit Center in Southwest Portland at about 9:40 a.m. May 26 when he saw Delong chasing after a bus and hitting the side of it.

Delong then turned his attention toward the 66-year-old supervisor by swinging his fists at the supervisor, screaming racist language and chasing the supervisor around a bench a couple of times, according to the affidavit. The supervisor pleaded with Delong to stop, and when he didn’t, the supervisor managed to run to his car and lock himself inside, according to the affidavit. The supervisor called police.

Delong told jailers that he’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and multiple personality disorder, and that he uses marijuana and alcohol daily and methamphetamine weekly. He said he was homeless.

"He just wanted to breathe, man."

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Siege of Portland, Day 13

At the red light the row of young protesters looked at me expectantly over their masks, holding their signs like the earnest young people they were. Other cars were honking their approval. I made a show of rifling through my glove box.

We're a suburb about seven miles out of downtown Portland. This was another impressive demonstration by the siege, rallying what looked like almost a hundred people to line up with BLM signs way out here, all earnest, good white dupes lending a little more legitimacy to the bloody movement and a little more of the surreal to it for me.

Rain, sometimes hard, kept the antifa types holding the courts and police under siege to a minimum last night. Somewhere a freeway was shut down and a few dozen hardy souls were out after midnight in cold, wet weather still. We're in a lull it seems, but downtown Portland still has the feel of occupation.

Portland's police chief has bailed out, apparently making the decision suddenly and choosing a black subordinate to replace her. She had only been in place for a few months after replacing the city's first Black Lady police chief, who left the city for a better deal in Philadelphia after a short bumpy tenure marked by low-level anti-Trump rioting and our now quaint series of Patriot Prayer versus antifa skirmishes --which now can be seen as invaluable training for antifa.

Probably related to the chief's escape, the next day (today) Portland's mayor has proposed looting 12 million from law enforcement, defunding the three units least popular with blacks--gun reduction, school police and the city's contribution to the transit police (other municipalities will have to pick up the slack to police transit), handing their budgets over to "communities of color"--no doubt via the same groups behind the rioting and sacking of the Justice Center.

Also chokeholds are banned, or maybe re-banned, it's not clear (policy was to use them only in "life threatening situations"--perhaps not even to save your life now).

The cave-ins we've seen in all manner of institutions have in common the same creepy mea culpa regarding having not acted sooner
During a news conference Tuesday, Wheeler said details of these plans and others are in the works and that Portland’s black community has demanded the changes for years. The mayor acknowledged that he should have acted sooner. 
 And another, distressingly uniform adoption of the language of theory
“My privilege as a white man, my privilege as the mayor and the leader of the institutions of power in this community I believe shielded me from time to time from the many difficult and uncomfortable truths about our history and about our society,” he said. Wheeler is also the police commissioner.
The dazed, defeated mayor promised he's just beginning the process of handing over the city
The mayor said police reform alone will not get rid of systemic institutional racism and white supremacy in the city, but said it was a start that he believes will help lift the city and make everyone safer.
"White supremacy" is no empty slogan and no joke here. The policy changes and ransomed funds are just the standing demands of now teflon-coated council member Jo Ann Hardesty, who made a little stir, in simpler times of a year or so ago, when she promised to "end white Portland". She acknowledged today she's about a decade ahead of schedule.

Wheeler's capitulations are coming so fast as to throw an already beaten-down police bureau into confusion
It’s unclear where the officers from all three units will be moved. Of the $12 million that Wheeler vowed would be invested in communities of color, $7 million would come from the police bureau 
Cue the Russian accented: "in new America, criminal gang shakes down police".

Bigger "reform" is on the horizon, of course.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Oppression and Delusion

At Mytilene things went so far that the Penthilids, who had secured the chief power, went about in the streets, armed with clubs, and knocked down citizens whom they disliked.
--JB Bury, A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander

The element black rage plays in the George Floyd hoax is the exact opposite of how it is understood, even by the nominally conservative. It is not the desperate expression of an oppressed, suffering people, but the expression of a powerful one. One confident in its expanding (if ultimately unearned) power, and settling scores.
For blacks individually and as a group, George Floyd's homocide is an affront, from an inferior class of people--the detested whites. This is obvious.

Likewise, the language of the polite mainstream--the supposed voice of white America--is opposite the reality.
Of course this isn't an oppressive, powerful people finding their own fault--what oppressor does that, after all?--but an oppressed and miserable one. It's a plea, a plea for final clemency, an acceptance of a diminished role, begging for the violence and misery to stop.

But the plea is as contrived as the context--made by a tiny, hostile elite and delusional antifa--the real population silenced, any real dissent confined to these obscure corners by a media chastising the sane mass for the virulent mob occupying our cities.

Critical race theory has provided blacks with the rationalization that their preeminence now is a return to their naturally superior role. But frankly the words don't matter, and one is far more edified by the tones, expressions and hysterics of black folk. Words and meaning fare about as well in black neighborhoods as an exposed white person, and are subjected to similar violence and depravity. They destroy not only our buildings, but our language.

Meanwhile Donald Trump--the "power" being fought--may be himself incapable of understanding the underlying truth, despite always having had far better instincts than brains, that whites are an oppressed people, and oppressed by the absurd convention placing a child-like and destructive but dominant and imperious race in the role of moral aristocracy.

Blacks are thriving relative to whites at the same time we are in fact dying off. Power and wealth are being redistributed from white to black--this process is to speed up now because of Saint George.

And while blacks may have not earned it by contributing to the nation's well-being generally (in fact earning it by virtue of degrading it, through criminality and degeneracy that are, alas, ascribed to our racism through demagogy) they are not responsible for the absurdity of their preeminence and only go as far as they are encouraged to go.

But boy are they being encouraged. We are witnessing a world-class betrayal and con, from which there's no going back, whatever the resolution.

Saturday, June 06, 2020


"I've been in suspended animation for decades and I'm ready to get back to doing evil. First order of business, let's gain control of the newspapers and television so we can take over America."

"Done long ago sir. And wait til you hear about this social media thing--you're going to love cancel culture."

"Well then, let's use these media weapons to contrive a plot involving Russians, computers and spies, so we can take over America."

"We tried that. Blew up in our faces."

"I've got it. We'll create a global pandemic, crush the economy, loot the Treasury and take over America."

"We're already on it. Initially looked promising but the virus we released didn't quite have the legs."

"Oh hell, let's just do what we always do, gin up some black rage, hold the nation hostage and take over America. Okay? Good."

Friday, June 05, 2020

Barbarism and Impotence

"The critique of culture is confronted with the last stage in the dialectic of culture and barbarism: to write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric, and that corrodes also the knowledge which expresses why it has become impossible to write poetry today."
Theodore Adorno
To talk about police brutality, "racism" or even economic inequality in light of the Siege of Soros is to capitulate and engage in a barbaric rite, the point of which is your destruction.
Do not do it.The false issues presented are in fact the point of surrender, and should be the point around which we rally our defense.

Cradle-to-grave social conditioning means good people follow the red herring of black oppression, without a thought--worse than a diversion, it's an inversion of reality. It's precisely the degree of this inversion that gives it its power, as long as it holds. That's what our experience with black America has taught us. We've watched, shamefully mute, as their cultural sanctity grew in tandem with their appalling behavior. We watch still as their shame is transmuted through shoddy theory into ours--their criminality and mediocrity the result of our malice, our "racism".

Your first lesson from the Siege of Soros is you can no longer humor for a moment this lie.

Accepting their premises is to accept defeat from the start; the rest is just negotiating terms of surrender.

We've reached this appalling place by humoring this evil nonsense.

The power of black credulity and rage is being used to destroy your country.

Blacks are not uniquely oppressed in white society. This is demonstrably untrue of course--if one accepts as criteria wealth, liberty, education, opportunity and access to technology; by these no one is more fortunate to be born in the West than an African. If you're White or Asian, the disparity between here and your ancestral home is minimal. If you're black, it's great. Absent migration, I would have been born in northern Europe. Absent the slave trade, the average black American would have found himself a black Zimbabwean or Angolan.

Now there is an argument for his legitimate oppression by Western culture, and I accept it. He is genetically outfitted for a very different society than this--perhaps in the same way that I would feel an ill fit in the African society that was his evolutionary crucible before colonization. Perhaps much black rage is owed to this, and the high degree of racial pride and constant casting about for racial authenticity suggest blacks understand, in their strong bones if not their weak minds, that this is the problem. They live in our world and resent it.

It's okay though; they are taking over. With a little help from their friends, of course.

The notion of White supremacy--simply the pathologization of White culture--relies on an implicit rejection of the Enlightenment values it still cites and from which it originated before running them through the gauntlet of Jewish mind-fuckery that I think of as the Narrate-o-Matic.

What's killing us, White people, is the mismatch is now ours. We get to be second rate negroes, because Blacks and their "allies" won't have them as second-rate White people.

Monday, June 01, 2020

New Normal: Commuting

"Looking to carpool, Portland downtown, nightshift. Smokers okay."

This was taken around 130AM. Small groups of protesters lingered harassing cops who gave chase. Things were finally winding down after the rioters spent themselves. The 8PM curfew was made a joke by the sheer number of people on the streets at 8--and still pouring in.

Police abandoned a blockade of Burnside Bridge and allowed a large group through, declaring them "peaceful". I think this is them arriving triumphal at about 930PM:

The rioters are mostly white and not hardcore antifa but just "woke"--what's different now is how many people antifa and organizers have brought out into the street with them. Manipulated or not (and it very much is), it doesn't matter. Those behind this have demonstrated they can mobilize a broad range of people on the most absurd pretext. Of course, they can't turn this off now and they knew it going in.

Portland Collapses

The Woke White Wave sweeping Portland. I'm exhausted and turning in and will try to have something to say about this with more footage tomorrow.


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