Friday, January 13, 2012

Buyer's Remorse

Excuse my rudery, but stuff the jubilee!
--Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Have they considered just putting a baton in his hand? They could replace the rolled-up paper, which makes him look like he's about to swat one of us for pissing on the rug.
Your more discerning lefty has to be uncomfortable with the Monster on the Mall. Can you blame him? It's too obvious, too much artistic and political overreach, with MLK emerging from Mother Earth like a primal deity--nothing to come before or after. Are they kidding? But tweaking the silly "drum major" quote--you've got to love it. It's like they've bought this big ugly car they have to keep forever and they're fiddling with the nameplate--because that's all they can do. Serves them right. We deserved better, though.


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