Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Someday I'm going to make you Mrs. David Petraus..."

Alpha males of yesteryear had it made. Buck's secretary-squeeze wasn't some overreaching, gym-sinewed mini-terror with more ambition than brains bound to leave his career strewn in her wake:

Ah, Patriarchy! We hardly knew ye!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lyric on the Fly

Poor little guy,
what did he think?
Did he feel the void sigh
as he came upon the brink?

And will I know when
my own time is nigh?
Or go in oblivion
like this dumb fly?

Lord grant me the courage
to face that same abyss
Failing that,
make me oblivious

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comments Elsewhere, Edited, or, The Lamentations of the Womanish and Childlike

Comes now the latest attempt at silencing Matt Drudge's recurring Blacks Behaving Badly theme. Where Bill Maher deployed the pillory, this blogger attempts a plea in an "open letter", complete with flattery and concern trolling (thank God I'm surrounded by the apolitical; if anyone ever expresses concern for the "future of the Republican Party" in my presence I think I'll strangle them). Enjoy with me the sound of The Hill's plaintive wail:
A visit to the Drudge Report at any given time in recent months bears witness to story after story, time and time again, day after day, week after week, month after month, of a laundry list of stories with racial innuendo and suggestion and implication that I would like to believe are below the standards you would set for yourself and your profession. [apparently the author is doubly confused:  Matt Drudge is a "journalist", and journalism retains "standards"]
I couldn't resist:
Drudge's "race-baiting" operates within the context of a grand, deliberate lie. That lie: black people are no more violent, no less intelligent and no less industrious than the rest of us. On television and in film we are continually presented images of black humanity and competence that do not comport with the reality we all experience daily (who are you trying to kid, Hollywood?). The respectable media, as evidenced here, does its part by ignoring the black malice and lawlessness that is an unrelenting assault (as the author notes above, "day after day, week after week, month after month"--indeed). The endemic, bemusing buffoonery of black culture, infecting even black "intellectuals" and leaders, is met with a silent, condescending smile. 

Policy and law are made in the distorting light of this disinformation. Vast sums are spent trying to square the circle of black inadequacy (see the achievement gap). Discriminatory hiring degrades the quality of our organizations and professions. People are hurt, or worse, if they are foolish or uninformed enough to believe the lie.

 You want me to avert my eyes? Stop telling me black dysfunction is my fault and I'll stop exposing it as a lie. Stop robbing me and my kin. Stop slandering my race (I'll apologize for slavery once every black person in America thanks me for modern medicine, democracy, electric light, plumbing, sliced bread, etc). Drudge is allowed his intentions, biases and even bigotry. I don't care. A speaker's motives haven't the power to make a bad argument look good (indeed, they're usually impugned to make a good argument look bad, as above).

But it does take nerve to condemn Drudge's focus in the midst of all the racist glorying following the election (how many more times do we have to read about "old, white" etc?). And what are the anti-whites celebrating? What is the nature of their triumph? Did blacks and Hispanics become electoral power brokers by achievement? By out-sized contributions to the nation? No; it is only by their numbers, and the dysfunction that makes them the sick child of the American family, that they overcome the "old" and "white". They succeed by failing. It's fascinating really. Let's at least be honest about the nature of our transformation.

Drudge is a necessary corrective to the Grand Lie you worship. This lie, like any, cannot be made any more true by prevailing (even over the entire West); it can only become more and more obviously a lie. It is an article of faith: rigid, unchanging, impervious to reason and empiricism. Against this reality stands out in clear relief. This is only going to get worse. Get used to it. As you keep pointing out, it's your country now. Own it.

As for me I say: speak the truth, whatever it is. Let the heavens fall and the hacks tremble. And as for your concern trolling: let the Republican Party go to hell.


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