Thursday, August 17, 2017

Christians and Lions

I'm still at a loss to find what the Unite the Right rally organizers did that was legally or morally wrong. They are guilty of provocation. Antifa called their bluff. They should've known better. They hurt their own cause. All true. But they still did nothing objectively wrong. It's astounding that in just half-acknowledging that, President Trump has had to show heroic fortitude. The moment he asks whatever foolish reporter the question that is supposed to be so outrageous--are we going after the Founders next?--was presidential--presidential now is raising your head above the muck of pc idiocy to ask a sensible question.

Do note none of those scoffing reactions to Trump's so-outlandish suggestion Washington and Jefferson might be next, are coupled with the author's declaration of opposition. He should have asked in return: do you approve of removing statues of the Founders (actually I think he did--did the reporter answer?)?

But regarding (what I believe is) Unite the Right's innocence of criminal or moral culpability, I say things are dire enough that this must be all that guides you. That is, you cannot abandon anyone who shares the worthy goal of saving white America--and that's what it is, sadly--because they've embarrassed you.

Still, I'm not saying people shouldn't be mad. Richard Spencer and Unite the Right created a fait accompli for both sides. Things are different now. Accelerationists should be pleased.

It's either the end of Trump, the end of the alt right, the end of Trump and the alt right, or, the end of the mainstream. They now "own" antifa. Or do they? Having banished so much of the country now from the moral high ground, there's no one holding power accountable--there's no real political opposition in this country. A stranded president and an inchoate movement trying to affect him.

The Left doesn't so much as apologize for its militants, and neither should the Right--and I'm still not sure the Right has them in significant number. I sure wouldn't put Spencer's NPI or Unite the Right in that category. The Left has a violent street-fighting wing now and they don't have to explain themselves to anyone.

 Here's what would change things in a world-historical way: if people identified as "white nationalists" showed up at these rallies completely unarmed, walk in and out, to the extent they can, accepting any and all abuse. If that level of discipline could be observed--two hundred people, say, wearing white to emphasize any bloodshed, who could commit to allowing themselves to be beaten without striking back. Antifa and assorted thugs wouldn't be able to control themselves. The world would see this horrendous brutality and would have to then condone that. I mean, they're halfway there, right?

No, they'd never condone that that.


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