Saturday, April 28, 2007


If denouncing the neocons is the New Black, then warning of a coming fall line of Buchananite brownshirts never goes out of style, regardless of the fact that the jackboots perennially fail to appear on the runways of our political system.
This perpetual rite, handed down through the generations, works even now to distract many from the fact that the current (and arguably most threatening in history) challenge to what remains of the American republican project comes from the neoconservative movement, with its roots in Trotskyism, liberal intervention, globalist dogma, and anti-"isolationist" militarism.

It's further notable that the supposedly isolationist paleoconservative impulse, if heeded, would have spared us the current Iraq morass as well as the intervention in Kosovo, and would have allowed us to proceed in Afghanistan with a more realistic strategy focused on destroying al Qaeda and eschewing impossible nation-building of the sort that is rapidly deteriorating there as it needlessly drains us of blood, resources, prestige, and influence at this very crucial moment.

Also, the restrictionist immigration policies of these imaginary fascists would have lessened murderous violence here at home, such as the ethnic cleansing of Los Angeles neighborhoods by Chicano gangs targeting African Americans and the festering war within the swelling California prison population between black and brown.

So remember, when someone starts dragging out the nineteen-thirties analogies (funny how some so-called liberals share this fixation with the neocons), and warning you to "keep your eyes open" for apostates who "hide" among us like the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, remember that all ideologies have blood on their hands. Ideology has blood on its hands. Paleoconservatism, whatever its limitations as a result, is the absence of ideology.

There are no settled questions. There are no dangerous ideas. There is only perilous human nature.


nzconservative said...

Another great post, hope you don't mind if I tag you, I'm told it's a blogging tradition.

Dennis Dale said...

Whatever "tag" means, I'm sure I don't mind. My initial reaction I share with Tony Soprano's reaction to Dr. Melfi's explanation of Proust's petite madeleine,
"sounds pretty gay to me."

nzconservative said...

Apparently, its some sort of chain letter type thing. The instructions are posted on my last post. I've gone along with it but, I can see that many people might find it irritating, or indeed a bit "gay".

Dennis Dale said...

Well then I'll play along, because chain letters always threaten adverse consequences for those who refuse to participate.
But I will have to find three blogs that aren't already on my blogroll, as it seems redundant otherwise.
And I'm not so sure about listing "weird things" about myself; that too would be redundant, seeing as the blog is essentially all about me and my weirdness.