Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Foreign Policy About Nothing

The Costanza Doctrine. By way of Dr. Leo Strauss.


gcochran said...

I've said for years that it's a Seinfeld war: a war about nothing.

Dennis Dale said...

I think the above-mentioned Dr. Strauss may have beaten me to it, but I've described the Bush Administration as the first post-modern presidency; all "narrative" control and disdain for objective reality.
Did you see McCain's recent stunt, touring a Baghdad market with a contingent of over 100 soldiers and three helicopters, wearing a flak vest, and returning to say it proves that one can "walk freely" in Baghdad, contra the reporting of that dastardly MSM?

Your point about the "war about nothing" becomes more cogent the farther along we get. The war is still ill-defined, even for the diehards at FOX News and of Bush's 25-30% base. They won't even acknowledge, still, that they are arguing for remaining in Iraq to halt the disaster set in motion by their policies in the first place.