Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I deleted my Twitter account yesterday, exhausted by the pointlessness of it all. I saw a tweet of mine, something I thought clever, had been retweeted by one of my dozens of followers to his dozens of followers and I was plunged into an oh-so-familiar bout of mediocrity-induced depression. It's not fun to suck. I'm not going to suck anymore--not on Twitter, at least.

I'm not wasting any more time on it. What I'd like to do now is a podcast. Looking for a partner.

I will continue to participate in Torah Talk with Luke Ford of course, until they wise up and throw me out. The idea is to do a short one of my own as well once a week. Two guys talking in a humorous fashion about things.


Callowman said...

You're already a regular on my favorite podcast. What do you want to accomplish that you aren't accomplishing there? Serious question. I'd podcast with you, but I'm not so sure I have all that much to offer in the long term.

Dennis Dale said...

Just looking to reach people. Sitting at 500 followers (who knows how many actual) on Twitter for years means there's maybe a few dozen people who I reach thereby.
It isn't that I put all that much time into tweeting--they're all mostly spontaneous, and I realize that's what Twitter's best for, the immediate publication of a bon mot or insight to an unlimited audience.
Pretty awesome. But if you don't get that audience ("if a tweet is tweeted and no one reads it...?") there is no point. It's masturbation. It isn't the tweeting but the checking on them. I was ducking into Twitter tens of times a day just to look at my dismal numbers or seek the sugar-rush of "oh, --- is following me!"
It's as if designed to suck your energy.

It takes energy and attention that might be usefully applied elsewhere.

I will put your name on the list.

J.S. said...

I set up a Twitter account in January just before the first wave of purges. Soon after I idled.

Why, even in an infintesimally small way, support Twitter? What is the point of droll alt right aphorisms to amuse people if the best case scenario is I succeed, get banned and potentially suffer social consequences.

It also came at a time when I deactivated Facebook. There's so much wrong with social media and it's social role I don't know where to start.

You made the right choice.

J.S. said...

Oh and as for a podcast...despite my anonymity concerns...well here I am commenting away on my Google account. I can't be that concerned.

If you'd like my email address to correspond further to get to know each other im comfortable with that.

Great blog.

Rabbi High Comma said...

Hope to see you on Gab more often Dennis. You're underappreciated.

Dennis Dale said...

Ditched Gab too. Just seemed to make sense.

Anonymous said...

I liked, appreciated, and enjoyed your Twitter, and am sad to see it go.

Dennis Dale said...

Anyone interested send a headshot, resume, phone number or skype handle via your agent to my email (eladsinned@gmail.com) and maybe we'll give you an audition.

Callowman said...

I hereby rescind my offer. While I'd love to have a dialogue, I can't see any way of doing that in an interesting way without relating it to my life history, which is distinctive and thus doxy. As a father of three living on a non-citizen resident visa in Europe and making most of my living from government contracts, on reflection it doesn't sound like a good idea.

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