Sunday, November 05, 2017

Alt Right Torah Talk

Chayei Sarah today. Genesis 23 - 25:18
Abraham purchases the Cave of Macphelah to bury Sarah.

Luke opens with the searing question "is it, really, okay to be white?"

1:28 Steve Sailer is not alt right

4:46 The Goyim know, and are shutting it down.

7:40 Conspiracy theory Casey

17:15 Malcom X and YouTube's commenting policy

26:40 The Greatness that is Henry Louis Gates' Africa

27:50 The Beer Summit as presage of Trumpism

31:00 This week's portion. Sarah dies aged 120 years. Luke points out the personal tragedy: Abraham has to travel to Canaan where Sarah is to mourn her; they ended their lives estranged.

East Meets West; James LaFond in Portland

Had breakfast with Baltimore's Violence Guy this morning. Subscribe to my new YouTube channel here.