Tuesday, September 15, 2015


SpottedToad said...

I'm surprised that there seems to be so much enthusiasm for Trump in the Sailer comment section, since, as this video points out so eloquently, he has always been about creating a "Gangster's Paradise" version of rich whitedom. (Just as, you could say, Obama was for a while about making boring bourgeois cool by making it black.)

Dennis Dale said...

Yes, we're playing with fire with Trump I know, but it's that or the slow boil that is respectable politics. We are deliberately taking a hammer to it all, and the elite still doesn't get it. I laugh when I see them accuse him of not being a "real conservative". It's never really been about that. The lefty harridans are right: it's always been about race. But they just won't admit it's always been about race to them; non-white lefties aren't liberals at all but racial advocates who've found a home in the Democratic Party. White liberals are...I don't know. Racial denialists (as opposed to "racial realists"?) perhaps. They see too it's all about race, but their answer is this surrender or accommodation or...I don't know.
I don't really care about tax policy, or the size of government, or health care; in a country that didn't see itself as responsible for taking in the wretched of the earth and giving over its wealth and institutions to them, these would all be questions oh which reasonable patriots could find themselves on either side.
It's all about immigration with Trump supporters, and by implication it's also about Black Lives Matter, Gamer Gate, the works. The left is right; it's angry white people. But the white people have a right to be angry.

gruff said...

But the white people have a right to be angry.

Why? I'm not trolling, I'm interested to hear your view of what the reasons are and why they are justified.