Monday, May 13, 2013

Colossus 2013

Revising the monument:

Not like the noble works of Western fame,
Of conquering race astride from land to land,
Here at bloodied, graffitied gates now stands,
A twerking harlot, some father’s shame, to proclaim:
U S for Sale! Comprehensive Plan!
"Yo World; may your spawn slander, reprimand,
My breed, whose bequest, nonetheless, they'll have,
Keep," mumble her collagened lips, "your fit. Pour:
Your aggrieved, those eager to settle scores,
Bloodied hands fleeing their criminal wars,
Bring misogyny, polygamy, crime,
Bring Hate, Greed, 'Vibrancy'; power is  mine!
Hit my cell at the door, for a good time..."


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get despondent and I wonder if we might not be better off simply bidding farewell to the USA and starting a new country from scratch.

Good job with your blog. You and Anti-Gnostic are great.

Anonymous said...

Bill Buckely wrote: Have You Ever Seen a Dream Walking.

I think you should do: Have You Ever Seen a Harlot Twerking.
My how times change.
I used to think Revelations was kind of extreme, but if one were to imagine what price we might pay for our squanderous squalor ...well ... let the boils begin.