Thursday, January 03, 2013

Steve Sailer reviews Django Unchained, describing it as the story of
an omnipotent [black] mass shooter wreaking carnage upon dozens of [white] victims
noting the unsurprising hypocrisy of a liberal media that forgets all about Newtown and guns in its reflexive praise of Fanon-esque black racial violence. The film as described is even closer to the tale of John Allen Muhammad, DC Sniper. It's amazing how little the mainstream press notices once their "insensitivity" feelers are folded away.
I recall Roger Ebert fretting Tony Todd of 1995's Candyman 2, Farewell to the Flesh (who stalks a blonde heroine) looked too much like OJ Simpson, then on trial for murdering his blonde wife. Ebert had that earnest liberal's proverbial (but always vague) "problem" with it. But we're way beyond that sort of thing now; Ebert's heirs would never notice such a thing in the first place! Parallels outside the Narrative are for bigots!

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