Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Via Drudge, it appears the White House is calling on some of its strengths from 2008--the power of the Internet, the gullibility of Youth, the paranoia of progressives--to compile a massive enemies list, with a fervor and reach in which Richard Nixon would find evidence of mental instability.

They've set up a "watchdog" website employing a vaguely sinister stark-alarm aesthetic (think SPLC's "Hatewatch") where you can report suspicious activity unfair criticism of the President's policies, politics or person. They have a list of refutations of common smears--first up: "...the President is a friend of Israel..."* (Ben-yo's finger-wagging notwithstanding).
USA. Mad from the top down.

*Somebody tell Manhattan's Jews not to worry: America is the nation Obama is intent on destroying through the displacement of its majority ethnicity, not Israel. Sillies!

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