Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...the Darndest Things!

Monday one of the feral teens involved in the economic-recreational beating death of Seattle's "Tuba Man" was arrested for something called "unlawful bus conduct." This is his second arrest after serving a nominal sentence for the killing, committed when he was just fifteen. His first (known) fatality remains a source of considerable pride for the youngster (see below), now 18 and just whiling away the brief period between that and the blessed release that will be his own death or long-term incarceration.
Somewhat reassuringly, the high correlation of violent crime to gross stupidity is here in evidence, suggesting that indecent interval will be very brief indeed. Unsurprisingly, his sophistication regarding the criminal justice system hasn't yet matched his precocity for criminal violence, and his conspicuous lack of shame regarding the killing (or appreciation for the mercy shown him) suggests that on his block he's something of a celebrity:

"While he was being searched by Deputy Hill and Deputy Nix, (the teen) bragged to them about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man," according to an incident report. "He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Brown (sic), got him off with only three months for stomping Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges too," a deputy wrote in an incident report.

However, John Henry Browne was not the teen's attorney on the Tuba Man case, in which he received a sentence of 30 to 72 weeks and served all 72. His attorneys were public defenders Daewoo Kim and Hal Palmer, according to the King County Prosecutor's Office.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that to Slog, Dennis.

This morning on Slog's "morning news" I posted links to the Seattle P-I's year-end homicide tally articles, along with my analysis of the racial breakdown of victim and killer whenever possible (which is in most cases), which proves that black males in the 15 - 55 age group committed over half of all homicides in Seattle in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

They deleted my comment (comment #3) for "trolling", but for some strange reason they left up two posts (#2 and #6) by other people calling for vigilante violence against Billy Chambers (one of the Tuba Man's murderers).

So, calls for vigilante violence are A-OK on Slog, but indisputable facts that destroy "progressive" fantasies about crime rates in Seattle are verboten!

Truly insane.

Dennis Dale said...

You and your hatefacts! Horrid creature!

Anonymous said...

Extrapolated from the article "List of 2008 homicides in Seattle" from the Seattle PI

selected from the list of the 28 Seattle homicides in 2008....

Allen Joplin, Jan. 4 -- black killed by black

De'Che Morrison, Jan. 10 -- black killed by black

Maurice "Moe" Allen Jr., Jan. 26 -- black killed by black

Degene Barecha, Jan. 30 -- black killed by black

Perry Henderson, Feb. 6 -- black killed by black

Stephan Dwaine Stewart, April 2 -- black killed by black

Eldora Earlycutt, July 4 -- black killed by black

James Paroline, July 10 -- white killed by black

Troy Peters, July 22 -- black killed by black

Pierre Lapoint, Aug. 5 -- black killed by black

Jane Kariuki, Oct. 16 -- woman of undisclosed race killed by black man named Christel D. Murphy

Quincy S. Coleman, Oct. 31 -- black killed by black

Edward McMichael, the "Tuba Man", Nov. 3 -- white killed by multiple blacks

Nathaniel Lee Thomas, Nov. 23 -- black killed by black

Blacks (8% of Seattle) were the killers in at least half (that's at least 50%) of the murders in the Seattle area in 2008. At least five of the other murderers were latinos. 

Now let's take a look at 2009!…

The link above is to the Seattle PI's article on homicides in Seattle in 2009.

At least twelve of the 21 murders in Seattle in 2009 were committed by blacks, only 8% of Seattle.

Of the 27 officers that were shot and killed by criminals in the last 20 years in King and Pierce county, 21 of them were shot by black men, even though black men make up less than 3% of the population. (it has been a while since i updated that last paragraph so it may be somewhat dated and I don't think it includes the 5 police who were killed by Christopher Montfort and Maurice Clemmons, both black men).

I haven't done a full breakdown for 2010 but a close read of the Seattle P-I's 2010 homicide articles and their related individual articles reveals very much the same thing.

Dennis Dale said...

Thanks a lot. All of this will go into my file, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hey dale , my cousin Nathaniel Thomas's killer was never caught you have him as being killed by a black person so are you saying you know who killed him?

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