Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Coverage


Anonymous said...

That's a cackle.

Black Sea said...

So I guess you're predicting a win for Stroszek, and a loss for Aguirre, the Wrath of God?

Dennis Dale said...

You've reminded me that I have to get around to seeing Aguirre. I confess I haven't.
For any who don't know, this clip is the bizarre ending of a Werner Herzog film Stroszek.
I won't bore you with my end-spoiling interpretation; suffice it to say, the chicken's dance represents futility.
The election is over now, so I guess I'm predicting a ride to nowhere on a ski-lift with a frozen turkey, an unpiloted, burning truck turning circles, an ominous shotgun blast, and, yes, a roadside attraction featuring a dancing chicken.
I can't wait!

Dennis Dale said...

Also, apologies to whoever left the first comment. Comment moderation was activated inadvertently, and when I moderated, the comment was vaporized. Comment moderation is turned off.

Also, I've risen from the emotional dead and am back to work now on another hilarious and deeply profound post, earth-shattering in its relevance, no doubt. Maybe in a day or two.

Black Sea said...

I haven't seen Stroszek, just read about it and heard about the Chicken/Duck/Rabbit trio.

I would say that you really should see Aguirre in a theater, but that's probably not possible unless you attend a Herzog film festival.

When you see it, you will recognize the uber-prototype of our neo-con friends. I'm sure most of them would love to cavort about in the sort of armor he sports.