Thursday, January 03, 2008

The complete lack of interest in the recent fictional thread combined with the ongoing death spiral in readership (at what point does decency require we pull the plug?) is not lost on Untethered's editorial staff. Therefore, in one final attempt to revive this thing from its catatonia, I hereby announce a new direction. From now on I will stick to straightforward blogging, in the form of literal commentary about issues of broad interest, taking definitive stands alternating between a loose, jocular style and grand, sweeping pronouncements. You can look forward to loads of linking, and much dissection of original material published elsewhere. Polemics like you've never seen before. Also, I'm actively seeking a group of bloggers who will admit me into their linkage circle-jerk; Bob said of Jim's post about my mention of Joe's remarks regarding Bob's... I'm even thinking about going with the lower case i as a personal pronoun. Baby steps.
So, to inaugurate our new path, here's a post about the Iowa caucus. It is, however, written in invisible typeface, similar to that ink that is only visible on paper after you highlight it with a catalyst. To view it you will need to swab your computer screen with a blend of equal parts egg whites, cranberry juice, and urine from a cat in middle to late estrous cycle. Enjoy:

There. That wasn't so hard. Excuse me, I think I'm going to be ill.


Steve Sailer said...

Damn, I was just linking to your future history right now.

Dennis Dale said...

The serial will continue and can be found here.

lloydmintern said...

You should write for The Fourth Reader. (See my blog for instructions.) And publish more, not less;that is the way to treat non-existent readers! Defy them! Damn them!

dearieme said...

You were a little hard on Shrillary.

Savrola said...

Love your fiction.

I link to your stuff at the Daily Burkema1.

Dennis Dale said...

I know and like the Daily Burkeman.
I will check out the Fourth Reader.
Thank you.

But to add to the post:
Also, pop culture references! Lots and lots of pop culture references! Updates on favorite television shows! American Idol! Entourage! How about that Johnny Drama! Heroes needs more strong female characters!
And daily updates on my workout routine! I jogged three miles today!
Pictures of household pets! Oh the possibilities are endless once you give up the ghost (and pretense).

God help me.

Dolor Ipsum said...

Ah, the dilemma of the artist versus the adoring, though fickle, fan base--some like potatoes while others crave salmon, yet you want prepare venison. A quandry worth a thousand lines of prose or, perhaps, a single sound byte.

Hang in there until your finger tips say: "no more!"

Dennis Dale said...

Fan base? Fan base?!
(Playoffs? Playoffs?!)

Rick Darby said...

Good on you, Dennis. You're a cracking good writer when you comment on news. I don't come to the blogosphere to read fiction.

Burkeman1 said...

Sav turned me on to your site. Very good. Put a link up on my blog roll- this is the "blog of the week".

Bill said...

I'm linking to you, Dennis. My new blog is more for practice than anything else (I'm thinking about starting a digital publishing business and I need to get up to speed with PHP, MySQL, forms etc.), but somebody's bound to run across it.

Anyway, good luck! Maybe I can help you get some of your stuff in print eventually.



Welmer blog

Dennis Dale said...

Looking forward to reading it, but the link above isn't working.

Dennis Dale said...

Clicking on "Bill" above brings it up.

Bill said...

hmm, must have been an html typo.

let's see if this works:

Welmer blog