Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Live Blogging the Apocalypse (for real this time).

Only just now realized the date: Aug 22. It's on. A full-scale assault from waves of Iranian suicide bombers could come at any minute.
Dug up some old body armor, pre-Iraq invasion but it'll have to do; thank God I invested in that pallet of surplus MREs last May. Who's laughing now?
Does anyone out there know anything about ham radios?
Forced out of the house to replenish beer stocks; suspicious character behind the counter, his "thank you come again" sounded insincere. I didn't have time to subdue and take him into custody so I set fire to the dumpster behind his AMPM; hopefully when the authorities get there they'll spot him--if they're properly trained. God, I hope some of that Dept. of Homeland Security largesse landed in our humble Seattle suburb.
Can't find The Glenn Beck Show. Oh no, no, don't tell me they got Beck! You bastards! Has anyone checked to see if Bernard Lewis is alright?
"What on earth do you need a geiger counter for?" She said, mockingly. Yeah, she said that. I bet Joshua doesn't have a geiger counter; oh, he's got a Lexus, sure; lot of good it'll do you now, man. What kind of post-apocalypse vehicle is a two-door luxury coupe, huh? Ahh, sweet retribution. Fortune favors the prepared.
excuswe typoss haz matt gloves make typiong difficult hot in thgis damn fifities era hazmat suit
I don't understand. Why haven't we attacked? What's wrong with you lilly-livered pukes? Do you want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud? The liberal media's refusal to give this story its proper coverage has left us weak and demoralized; that's it. C'mon George, pull the flight suit out of mothballs and get in there. As Sgt. Hartman says:
Why is Private Pyle holding that weapon? Why aren't you stomping Private Pyle's guts out?
I see their plan now. It's asymmetric, that's it. They're not going to attack, thus making us out to be the crazies, and making us complacent for when they do attack. We must therefore attack. Before they attack. Or, before they decline to attack, which might even be worse. But attack we must.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what is with these programmers who pick the non-liberals to host a show? Glenn Beck?
There is something repulsive about the guy. I can't watch more than 4 minutes, so I'm unable to analyze the show in greater detail.
I'd be glad to help CNN (though they get credit for Lou Dobbs) and MSNBC to pick someone who might turn in a rating point or .5.
As for the end of the world -- our world anyway -- I thought that was Bush's class project? I still have faith in him. And, yes, it is cheating if Cheney helps...too much.
Steve N.