Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Formal Apology

First off let me say that I'm well and uninjured. I'm sorry if my last post alarmed any of you. This is all very embarrassing for me. It seems I overestimated the impact of Monday's May Day immigrant boycott. I may have overreacted. Please understand, I have a family to protect, and when I learned that illegal Mexican immigrants built and keep our fragile nation intact and that their incalculable support would be suddenly removed, well, to put it plainly, I panicked. I apologize for any pain or confusion my irrational behavior may have caused.

You will be relieved (as I was) to learn that my neighbors survived the assault with relatively minor injuries, all things considered. I have made an attempt to contact them through an attorney so as to offer restitution, so far to no avail. It seems there will be some sort of civil proceeding once the question of criminal charges is dispensed with. Really a formality I'm told.

There's one more matter; a reader may have gotten the impression that I killed and skinned my daughter's pet cat to offer as a sacrifice to some delusional conglomeration of deities. This is not true. I was speaking metaphorically, in the same way that all that reconquista talk is just a metaphor, like "Black Power." Our cat is however missing, no doubt he fled the commotion and will return home shortly once he calms down, and then we can satisfy the good people at Animal Control that there is no cause for alarm.

Well, I have to go. The staff has come to return me to my enclosure now. I'm told if I progress as expected I will be allowed internet access soon so that I might resume posting. Once again, I apologize for any confusion or harm caused by my last post.

Goodbye for now.

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